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Omicron Variant : After the knock of the new variant ‘Omicron Variant’ of Coronavirus, the number of infected people in the country has increased significantly. The number of corona infected patients has been increasing rapidly. At the same time, the answers to many questions about Omicron remain unanswered so far. One of these important questions is, can Omicron infect a person for the second time (Can the Omicron variant reinfect a person)?

The World Health Organization (WHO) and experts have given the answer to this question arising in crores of minds. It is being said that the chances of getting infected again with the new variant are very high. So this answer put an end to the hypothesis that it was assumed that once the infection was there, it would be less likely to happen again.

Increased concern of people who have been vaccinated a long time ago

According to the news published in the news daily ‘Hindustan Times’, in a note published regarding the Omicron variant, the WHO has said that this variant can survive the previous immunity present in people and become a victim of Kovid first. Can re-infect infected people. After this information, the concerns of those who have not received the vaccine and those who have been vaccinated long ago have increased.

More prevalence in youths near the age of 20-30 years

In a note issued in December 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) said, ‘Those who have recovered from Kovid-19. They are 3 to 5 times more likely to be infected with Omicron than Delta. However, the WHO also said that no evidence has yet been found that Omicron can cause more severe disease than Delta. The WHO further said, that most of the spread of the virus has occurred in the youth around the age of 20 and 30 years.

Omicron does not easily infect the lungs

One of the reasons Omicron is not lethal is that this variant does not infect the lungs as easily as the previous variants. One such study was published in the Consortium of Japanese and American Scientists. In which experiments were done on rats and hamsters. Similar results were found in another study on hamsters in Belgium.

Up to 96 percent of those who did not get the vaccine infected

The Omicron variant of Corona is being considered ‘light’ till now. Perhaps one of the reasons for this was also because it has been less lethal so far than the Delta variant last year. But if someone has not taken the corona vaccine, then Omicron can also wreak havoc for him. Mumbai figures confirm this. Here most of the people infected with corona who need to be kept on oxygen support, have not taken the vaccine. This information has been given by the head of Mumbai Municipality.

If we look at the figures till 6 January 2022, according to BMC commissioner Iqbal Chahal, ’96 percent of the 1,900 corona patients admitted to oxygen beds are those who did not take the vaccine. Whereas, only 4 per cent are vaccinated patients.



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