Omar Abdullah was questioned by ED, the party said…

New Delhi | ED questioned Omar Abdullah: J&K’s party National Conference leader Omar Abdullah was questioned by the ED today. The party has condemned the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and called it wrong. He has said that this is a kind of malicious insult to the former Chief Minister. The spokesperson of the party said that the central government is continuously misusing the central probe agency. Let us tell you that the central probe agency has questioned Abdullah in connection with the purchase of a building by the Jammu and Kashmir Bank about 12 years ago in Delhi. The party spokesperson said that there was a time when elections were announced by the Election Commission but now it seems that they are announced by the ED.

BJP’s fishing campaign

ED questioned Omar Abdullah: “In recent years, we have seen that wherever state elections are to be held, agencies like ED go ahead and target those parties which challenge the BJP,” the spokesperson said in a statement. He said that the summons to his vice-president is also in the same order. The spokesperson said that we have no doubt that the BJP will not get any concrete result from this fishing campaign and people will strongly support the National Conference whenever required.

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Made a habit of misuse of investigative agencies

ED questioned Omar Abdullah: The party spokesperson said that despite the holy month of Ramzan being the holy month and not having his primary residence in Delhi, Abdullah did not seek an adjournment or change of location and appeared as per the notice. The party alleged that the central government has made a habit of misusing the investigating agencies. Today’s questioning of Abdullah was another step in that direction. He said that no political party has been spared any meaningful opposition to the BJP.

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