Oil Price: Huge fall in the prices of oilseeds, now know how much will be the price

Photo:India TV Huge fall in oilseeds prices, know the new price

Oil Price: The breakdown of edible oil prices in foreign countries and Palmolein Oil Due to the arrival of new and cheaper consignments than before, the prices of almost all edible oil-oilseeds have registered a sharp fall in the Delhi Oil-Oilseeds market on Thursday. Informed sources in the market said that Malaysia The exchange is down 3.5 percent, while the Chicago exchange is down about one percent.

New consignment of palmolein cheaper by Rs 10-12 per kg

According to sources, all oil-oilseeds prices were under pressure due to the start of arrival of new consignments of CPO and palmolein oil. The price of the new consignment of palmolein is Rs 10-12 a kg cheaper than its current price. The import price of Palmolein is around Rs 101/kg while that of Soyabean degum is around Rs.116/kg. There is a loss in the import of soybeans. There is a compulsion to cut and sell the earlier deals called for by the importers to pay off the debts of the banks.

The government should also take steps to bring down the maximum retail price (MRP) of these oils after the price breaks abroad. Sources have said that farmers and the oil industry have suffered losses from foreign oils. In such a situation, at least the benefit of the reduction in global prices should be passed on to the consumers.

new prices of oilseeds

Mustard oilseeds – Rs 7,265-7,315 (42 percent condition rate) per quintal on Wednesday, Groundnut – Rs 6,930 – Rs 7,055 per quintal, Groundnut Oil Mill Delivery (Gujarat) – Rs 16,200 per quintal, Groundnut Solvent Refined Oil Rs 2,705 – Rs 2,895 per Tin, Mustard oil Dadri – Rs 14,600 per quintal, Sarson Pakki Ghani – Rs 2,310-2,400 per tin, Sarson Kachchi Ghani – Rs 2,340-2,455 per tin, Sesame oil mill delivery – Rs 17,000-18,500 per quintal, Soyabean oil mill delivery Delhi – Rs 13,200 per quintal, Soybean Mill Delivery Indore – Rs 13,050 per quintal, Soyabean Oil Degum, Kandla – Rs 11,380 per quintal, CPO Ex-Kandla – Rs 10,480 per quintal, Cottonseed Mill Delivery (Haryana) – Rs 14,100 per quintal, Palmolein RBD, Delhi – Rs 12,650 per quintal, Palmolein Ex- Kandla – Rs 11,550 (without GST) per quintal, Soyabean grain – Rs 6,245-6,320 per quintal, Soyabean loose Rs 6,045 – Rs 6,120 per quintal and Maize oil (Sariska) Rs 4,010 per quintal is

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