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Oh Ram! Addiction and speculation in Hindu Rashtra!

Wonderful. Such foolishness! Narendra Modi will consider it an unmatched achievement of the government and the Sangh Parivar, which is moving towards the goal of five trillion dollars by creating India’s economy of drug addicts, bookies. India spreads liquor shops in the streets for its 65 percent youth population. India has become self-reliant in drugs like heroin, cocaine, opium, ganja, drugs! A magazine The Week reported India being ‘self-reliant’ in illegal drugs as compared to other regions, then I really did not understand how such silence happened! But according to the report, the drug trade is not only meeting the needs of India’s domestic market, but India is also exporting narcotics. Obviously all illegal.

How is that possible? Has there been so much illegal cultivation of opium? Fat fat For the last two-three years, all the news of arrests and seizures that have been read clearly means that India is the fastest growing drug market in the world. The talk of the youth of Punjab being addicted to drugs is old now. The rapidly growing young population in all the states of India has become so addicted to alcohol, drugs, ganja, etc. that India has become a big market for the drug mafia of the world. There are speculations about the arrival of drugs through drones from across the border of Pakistan or through the North-East from Myanmar or through sea routes, ports and airports in large containers, courier service, etc. All the news means that the demand in India has increased like Sursa. India has now become such a big market for drug consumption, demand like America and Europe that huge profits have been made in delivering more consignments to India from ASEAN, Afghani, Pakistani, African networks. Otherwise, what is the use of consignments of heroin in the name of powder from containers in tons to reach the port?

And this also a new dimension of the country of India, which is intoxicated, that every government is adopting the methods of selling liquor from door to door, supplying it at home. Seeing the shops and crowds opening innumerable times, I wonder, what is happening in this country? How much pure, hard alcohol is being consumed in this country! Due to the common practice of drinking alcohol in films, especially in Hindi and Punjabi films, the father and son sitting with the whole family, many times in the mind, is there a campaign to bring somers of Hindu culture from door to door? To Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Mohan Bhagwat or all the Jayshree Ram people of the Sangh Parivar, doesn’t such a trend of Sompras break out in their families? How are they allowing Hindu families to suffer so much? Muslim families keeping notes, hardly liquor shops are opened or consumed in their localities!

It is said that once Prime Minister Modi had given knowledge to the top people of the Sangh Parivar that they have to make the economy of 5 trillion and this is not possible without disinvestment of Air India, making Adani-Ambanis trillionaires. In this criterion, whether the government is making a roadmap to shine the economy of 140 crore people from alcohol, drugs and betting market in the agenda of expanding the business, employment, increasing the revenue of the governments?

I am two to three weeks old. A young man gave me the knowledge that you know how young people are getting wasted in online betting. I was completely oblivious. When he told his loss and habit, it came to know that cricket has now become a legal game of betting for the youth under Modi rule. The youth of the whole country are being made addicted to gambling and dreaming. Boys are becoming a habit of betting. Online gaming habit of children is being made into the habit of online gaming by luring them with so much hype on MM radio, social media.

Only then think, what a foolish life we ​​are living!

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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