Now you will be able to delete your sent message anytime, there will be no time limit


WhatsApp’s Delete for Everyone Feature The ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature of WhatsApp allows users to retrieve messages from both sides of the chat while deleting the message. It is being told that four years after its launch, WhatsApp is reportedly working on removing the time limit from it, so that users can delete messages for a longer time than before.

In a screenshot shared by popular feature leaker WABetaInfo, the familiar WhatsApp for Android interface is visible, along with a conversation that asks the user to choose whether they want to send messages to only themselves or to everyone in the chat. want to remove. However, the message is three months old and the chat behind it shows the date as August 23. This is much more than the current time limit imposed by WhatsApp while using the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature.

Currently, WhatsApp allows users to delete messages from all recipients involved in the conversation for 4096 seconds (or 68 minutes and 16 seconds) after the message has been sent. This timer was increased after the release of this feature in 2017, which had the ability to delete messages within 8 minutes of being sent. However, according to the feature leaker, the timer may be completely removed in a future update.

Telegram and Instagram provide this feature
If WhatsApp removes the ‘delete for everyone’ feature, it will not be the first service to do so. Both Telegram and Instagram allow users to delete old messages from the app without any time limit. According to WABetaInfo, “What we can confirm is that you can delete a message for everyone without a time limit.” WABetaInfo states that there may be more changes to this feature in the future, users should wait for confirmation when this feature appears in future builds of WhatsApp.

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