Now You Can Download Deleted Media Files Again In WhatsApp

WhatsApp for Android has introduced a new update in which WhatsApp is now allowing its users to download old media files again, which they might have deleted from their phones earlier. Prior to the introduction of this feature, the media files which WhatsApp users used to delete from their smartphone’s files after downloading, were not available for download again. This was primarily because WhatsApp used to delete such media files from its servers once they were downloaded by the intended recipient. The new feature to tweak this has been introduced in WhatsApp’s recent updates, between the version 2.18.106 and 2.18.110.


The new WhatsApp feature will come in handy to users who are regularly poised to switch smartphones. Also, for those who might have deleted their media files by accident. However, for the feature to work, a user should be having the original message in which the media file was shared with him or her, so they can download it again.

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