Now the fuel crisis in Sri Lanka is at its peak, deployment of army at petrol pumps to handle the people ..

Colombo | Petrol Crisis Sri Lanka : The situation in Sri Lanka is continuously getting worse. Most of the people here are facing due to lack of fuel. This is the reason that in the last few days, long queues were being seen at whatever petrol pumps were left. Now the latest information has been received that the army has been deployed at petrol pumps on Tuesday to manage and monitor the distribution of fuel. Due to the lack of foreign exchange, there has been a huge economic and energy crisis in the country. Is. Explain that due to lack of resources, people are also facing huge power cuts.

Army deployment to avoid untoward incident

Petrol Crisis Sri lanka : On Tuesday morning, unarmed soldiers were seen controlling people at pumps operated by the state-run Salon Petroleum Corporation. “We have decided to deploy military personnel at petrol pumps to avoid any untoward incident as people are carrying fuel in cans to do business,” Energy Minister Gamini Lokuge told reporters.

4 people died so far

Petrol Crisis Sri lanka : The Energy Minister said that the soldiers will ensure that fuel is properly distributed among the people. Four of the people queuing for fuel have been reported dead so far. Due to the foreign exchange crisis, the import of fuel, cooking gas and other essential commodities has come to a halt. Let us inform that the Sri Lankan government had sought loan help from India, after which last week India gave a loan of one billion dollars to overcome the economic crisis.

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Rushabh Kothari

Senior Journalist at Youthistaan.
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