Now grace will not work, hard work will come

Bhopal, Although the process of obliging loved ones has stopped in the entire politics, but now in the BJP, this thing will be fully implemented. Especially after the visit of party strategist Amit Shah in the state, it has become clear that now you will not be able to get a position in the party on the strength of the grace of the leaders but on the strength of hard work and hard work is not the wages of such, the result of which is clearly visible. be visible from

In fact, there has been a radical change in Indian politics in the last two decades, in which the same party or leader will be found in the political field, who will be active for at least 18 hours 365. Whose doors will always be open for the general public, who will take care of the workers like family members and will work tirelessly for the development of his area. Otherwise, no party’s storm will prevail, management-based elections are being held and management will come in handy when any public representative will be able to do so much. In Indian politics, the pair of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah have been in favor of similar politics from Gujarat to Delhi and now they are taking this politics among BJP representatives all over the country.

However, there has been a sudden increase in activism in the politics of the state. Amit Shah’s one-day visit has now forced BJP leaders to step out even in the scorching sun as Amit Shah gave important tips regarding the preparations for 2023 in the meeting of BJP leaders during his stay in Bhopal Shah booth from the very beginning. He has always been in favor of the strong. Perhaps that is why he has made preparations to hand over the responsibility of winning the weak booth to veteran leaders this time. He clearly said in the meeting whether minister, MLA to MP or party office-bearer, everyone has to go to less booths and strengthen them. The organization has collected information about three categories of booths, in which the number of such booths is also there. Where BJP has seldom won. There are also some similar assembly seats. Where the party lost the election even in the BJP wave, Amit Shah has asked veteran leaders of the party to be active in the field to win booths and assembly constituencies. Not only this, from the board to the state level officials and ministers, now everyone will be monitored. An account of everyone’s work will be prepared. He has also indicated in gestures that those who do not get a position in the party on the grace of anyone, will get importance, who will remain narrow and work result oriented.

He even said that do not work hard so that energy can be utilized properly. Shah described the way I work in the organization as important and even said that I too was young when I became the president, age does not matter, work matters. He appreciated the booth expansion scheme of State President Vishnudutt Sharma and also showed that he is aware of the efficiency and capability of every leader. For example, he said that Gopal Bhargava is a good leader, he is a leader with a mass base, but if you send it among the tribals, then such good results will not come, meaning it was clear that whom to use and also knows who is a leader of mass base and who is not.

Overall, what is now done in BJP does not go in vain and without doing nothing gets done, the formula of conclusion of Gita is going to be implemented. Even a team is being formed at the state level to assess the activism of veteran leaders of the party. The report of this team will be sent to Delhi and on the basis of that the leaders will definitely get the responsibilities. ss Those people who are doing politics of getting post by going round Delhi or doing parikrama of leaders. Amit Shah’s gesture is considered enough for him.

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