Now bathing and washing clothes also became expensive, know which companies increased the prices by how much


New Price Hike: The common man has got another blow of inflation. This time the prices of soaps like Wheel, Rin and Lux ​​have increased. The companies that make these products HUL and ITC have announced an increase in the prices of soaps and detergents. The prices of wheel detergent powder, rinse bar and Lux ​​soap have been increased from 3.4% to 21.7%. At the same time, ITC has increased the price of Fiama soap by 10%, Vivel by 9% and Engage deodorant by 7.6%.

This is the reason for the increase in price

According to reports, two of the country’s largest fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies have cited cost increase as the reason behind the increase in prices. HUL has increased the price of 1 kg pack of wheel detergent by 3.4%. This will make it costlier by Rs. The company has increased the prices of 500 grams pack of wheel powder by Rs. Its price has increased from Rs 28 to Rs 30 now.

25 This soap became costlier by Rs.

It has also been learned that HUL has increased the price of 250 grams pack of Rin Bar by 5.8%. The FMCG giant has increased the price of 100 grams multipack of Lux soap by 21.7% or Rs 25. Also, ITC has increased the prices of 100 grams pack of Fiama soap by 10%. At the same time, the company has increased the price of 100 grams pack of Vivel soap by 9 percent. The report further states that the company has increased the price of 150ml bottle of Engage deodorant by 7.6% and the price of 120ml bottle of Engage perfume by 7.1%.

company cleaning

Giving their explanation behind increasing the price, the companies are saying that they have changed the prices of only select items. According to him, the purpose of this decision was to ensure that they do not let the entire price pressure pass on to the customers. For information, let us tell you that in the second quarter, the net profit of Hindustan Unilever has increased by 9% on a yearly basis. The company’s profit has reached Rs 2,187 crore, which, however, has been slightly lower than the estimate.

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