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Not only Mallikarjun Kharge in Hindi’s Gobarpatti, South also meaningless!

The Congress face named Mallikarjun Kharge is a comfort to the BJP. Because the Hindi-speaking people of North India and its so-called Ganga-Jamuni culture have or are not equal in the presence of the South’s face. Even before he was elected as the President, the Godi media has started calling him a puppet of the Gandhi family. If Digvijay Singh, Ashok Gehlot were becoming the president in place of Kharge, then there would have been some taste in the Hindi speaking areas. That means, from Gujarat-Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh to north India across the Vindhyas, there must have been a joke on the face of Digvijay Singh or Ashok Gehlot in the gossip of caste accounts. There would have been debate, Tu-Tu, Main-Main, on the Chaupals of North India. But there is neither prodigy nor hope in the North about the South Indian leader. This reality is a proof of the curse of the history of the Hindus of Delhi and its surrounding dung belt.

What do you mean? First of all, know that the issue is not only of differences, variations of geography, religion and social system, but also of thinking, mind, mood and psychology. Due to this, there is a huge difference between the conscious and the unconscious in the north and south of India. The psychology of the north of this side of the Vindhya versus the south of that side is different. In the north, from the time of Budham Sharanam Gachami, it has a different mood, a different intellect and a different history accordingly.

One can understand that this subject, its story and history are vast and serious. Fat Moti I believe that whatever Sanatani sages-monks-thinkers-ascetics created eternal in language-civilization-culture by writing memory-shruti-on the banks of the five rivers of the north and Ganga-Jamuna-Saraswati, it was later created in the valleys of these rivers. , was ruined by the pollutions, superstitions and corruptions of the Pandits, ritualists, medieval sages, and the karis of Babas-Mahatmas-Mahamandaleshwars-Kallers settled on its banks. As a result, North India became a slave and cow dung. It became a pasture for the attacks of the heretics and the Mughals. Became the epicenter of the loot of foreigners. Life was engulfed in devotion-fate-slavery. The tradition of Sanatani Purushartha, Intellectualism, Knowledge-Science, Veda-Vedang-Upanishad-Darshan-Thoughts and Sanatani Shastrartha has been forgotten. In their place, the Leelas, Ramlila-Krishna Leela, Rasleela, tableaux, the chaupais of Tulsidasji along with the journey, the story of Satyanarayana and the aarti of ‘Jai Jagdish Hare’ written by a nineteenth century religious leader Shraddhanand Phullauri became the song of the whole religion.

Obviously, instead of scripture, Aarti, devotion instead of intellect, dedication instead of action, fatalism instead of belief in oneself and the whole life is tied to the incarnation stories of God due to misery, helplessness, desire, hunger and fear or Mother-Baap Sarkar. incumbent upon. Overall, in the valleys, banks and gorges of the rivers, the glory of Sanatani civilization-culture, Harappa-Mohenjodaro was created, such a ferocity of all that which was engulfed in the web of slavery of North India and life turned away from the scriptures and debates. Locks on the intellect and the mind only and only while doing devotion-darshan and bhajan.

This did not happen in the South. If it had happened, would Adi Shankaracharya come to North India from Sringeri in the far south and argue with the ritualists in the concern of Sanatan Dharma? Why did they build monasteries in all four directions for the cultural solidarity of India?

I have strayed. From where did it go? But this is a blunt truth of the history, present and future of India and Hindus, which we, the Sanatani of North India, have proved to be constantly short-witted. The reason for this specialty is different that despite this Sanatan Dharma has not been eradicated. Meaning, despite foreign invasions and hundreds of years of Islamic rule, the original Sanatan Dharma remained intact. But I believe that due to which it has survived and even after the attacks of Mir Kasim, Ghori, the intercurrent of Mathura, Kashi, Ayodhya, Somnath, Sanskrit, Gurukul remained alive in the north, then one reason was the flow of consciousness from south to north. That is why it is not wrong to think that the origin of civilization and culture and the survival of the essence and heritage is due to the South. Everything in the doab of the dung belt continued to disappear and dissolve, while the solid plateau land of the south did not allow the existence of Hinduism to die out.

Evidence of this thesis of mine will be found everywhere across the Vindhyas. There are still unmatched ruins of art-music-civilization-culture and Hindu kings and polity. Every Hindu from North India should visit and understand the modern infrastructure development of all the temples in South including Hampi, Thanjavur, Madurai, Tirupati and from Maharishi Aravind Ashram to Shankaracharya Math in Sringeri. Then a comparison will automatically be made that what is South India and how is the dung belt of Ganga-Jamuna? There will be a difference of day and night in the social justice of Periyar-Annadurai in Tamil Nadu versus the social justice of Nitish-Lalu Yadav of Gobarpatti. The reality of the pretense of Kejriwal or Gujarat model in Delhi versus the reality of health-medicine and education in Kerala will be understood on these two things. If you compare the reality of such jumlas like Digital India or revolutionary Gujarat model to work culture of Modi government in Delhi, double engine with the work culture of Andhra and Telangana, then you will get the difference of day and night.

Yes, Chandrababu Naidu in Andhra had delivered the cabinet meeting on a digital tablet decades ago. It is also true that in the South even the village level Anganwadi workers work on tabs, so the files of ministers-officers-babus, the speed of decisions and its effectiveness are so tremendous that even the secretaries of the Government of India and its cabinet secretary have the same type of work. It is not possible to work. Especially the officers employed in North India. Barring one exception, the Modi government’s PMO does not have the ability to produce a crop of lies and even 10 per cent in the BJP chief ministers-ministers of North India or Nitish-Gehlot’s CMOs and cabinets that Jagan Reddy or K Chandrasekhar. Rao’s chief minister’s office to the panchayat there.

Government offices in North India are without HR. All are employed, the faces of number two are earnings and status. These officers-employees live in servitude and power slavery, while in the government offices of the southern states, the values ​​of HR, training, competence, accountability will also be found. What is the proof of this you may ask? So the answer is that only then the difference of development of North India vs South India is widening. If India’s economy is getting bigger then it is because of the states of South India. If the boys and girls of North India are getting employment, then they are mostly from South India. Similarly, the GST collection of the Central Government is on the basis of the South. It is a fact that almost the whole of South India is now feeling that they are burdened by the poor population of North India and the ineffective governments there. The states of the south work hard, the center has a big revenue from their states, but the Modi government does not return tax income to them in that proportion. More money is distributed to North India citing more population. The Finance Minister of Tamil Nadu has created a serious debate on this aspect in South India.

Of course, South India is also a part of India’s well and because corruption, dishonesty, lies, the cannabis of populist prescriptions is mixed in the entire well, then all this is also in the politics and power of South India. In spite of this, due to the reasons like ability, big thinking, heritage, climate and language (Sanskrit or vernacular), scriptures and intellect in households and families, where the behavior of public behavior, power-administration is different from North India, then religious conduct There is a difference too. There is also a difference in culture and character. Like in North India, there are less tussles between Babas, storytellers and superstitious people. There is no society, that break in family relations, that fragmentation, that loot, that hunger which is manifested daily from the crime pages of Hindi newspapers of North India.

Know another truth of 75 years of independent India. In the seventy-five years, the leaders of the South have always been the first to understand the times. Even in Congress, I believe in truth-minded leader C Rajagopalachari more than Gandhi, Nehru, Patel. This Mahamana had asked for population transfer and the adoption of a liberal-capitalist system with partition alone. Well explained to Nehru. When Nehru adopted the model of socialism-mixed economy, Rajagopalachari formed the Swatantra Party. Similarly, Periyar-Annadurai made an attack on social justice and atheism when North India was asleep. In 75 years from the South, India got the only Prime Minister named PV Narasimha Rao, who in his vision built a new way for India by flowing the Nehru-Indira economic model into the Ganges. That too in every sense and in every direction. From Congress’ Kamaraj to Nijalingippa and non-Congress leaders like Namboodiripad, Ramakrishna Hegde, YB Chavan, VP Naik, the careers were about to make the leap from communist experimentation to cooperative movement to IT and industrialization.

Meaning, Hindi-Gujarati speaking leaders from Gujarat to Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir to Vindhyas of Madhya Pradesh, the number of cow dung belts, the power of Hindi speech, rhetoric, magic tableaux, may have enjoyed the rule of the country a lot, but the journey of 75 years is proof of this. It is said that the engine of the country’s development and its engine drivers have been in the better south.

Therefore, it is our request to the Hindi speaking people to take the leaders of the South seriously. They are more capable. They deliver growth. Even though he does not know lies and rhetoric, but Stalin there is also running Tamil Nadu, while K Chandrashekhar Rao is changing Telangana. Therefore Mallikarjun Kharge can also give a strong command to the Congress in the same way as Kamaraj had once run the Congress. Despite not knowing a single word of Hindi, Kamaraj’s Congress leadership was astounding.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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