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nose blowing inflation

If inflation continues like this, then chaos can also spread in the country. According to the latest government data, the price of wholesale items has increased by 15.08 percent at this time. So much inflation has increased after 31 years. During these three decades, when inflation was seen rising even a little, then the noise started in the country. There used to be noise in Parliament, demonstrations used to take place on the streets and the government’s cots started erecting, but this year the people are still tolerating the increased inflation due to two reasons. One because of the Corona epidemic and the other because of the Ukraine-War!

The Corona epidemic left millions of people unemployed for a long time and the Ukraine-war caused oil prices to rise. When the price of oil increased, due to that the price of everything moving from one place to another in the country increased. Due to the severe heat, the prices of vegetables, fruits and milk also took a jump. The prices of petrol, diesel and gas were so high that even the middle-class people are shocked and upset.

The people of the village can still survive on the stove-fire and can get their work done by bicycle instead of car and fatfat, but what should the urban people do? Buses and metro fares have almost doubled. The troubles of the common man have increased. He starts sweating while buying everyday things like grains, pulses, spices. The income of the middle class, working class and working people remains the same but their expenditure has increased by one and a half.

Some people have had to break their fixed deposits from banks to run their daily lives. But our oil selling companies have spent billions of rupees in this period. has earned profits. Governments are also getting unprecedented income through GST, but what special relief has the government given to the general public here? The government is distributing free food grains to 80 crore people, it is very good, but what has it cut in its expenditure? What is the need of saving in salaries, allowances, and various expenses of ministers, MPs, MLAs and councilors?

Apart from this, if the prices of wholesale items have increased by 15 percent, then just go to the markets and find out how much their retail prices have increased? The prices of many things have doubled or tripled. What is the government doing to stop them? This inflation has made the rich people richer than ever before. They are leading an extravagantly expensive life.

It would have been good that our leaders would also reduce their expenses and give inspiration to the wealthy people to live their lives with less expenses. Necessary strictness against profiteers and adulterers is also not visible anywhere. If inflation becomes unbearable, then this popular government with a thumping majority can be blown away.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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