no question of surrender

Kyiv, On Monday, the 26th day of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Ukraine refused to kneel and surrender. Russia had warned and given a deadline to surrender to Ukraine to capture the city of Mariupol. Ukraine ruled out the possibility of surrendering before its deadline. Despite heavy Russian bombing and missile strikes, Ukraine said the question of surrender did not arise.

According to the news agency ‘Reuters’, on Sunday night, Russia had given the Mariupol administration the deadline for surrender at five in the morning according to Moscow time, ie 8 in the morning Indian time. However, Ukraine has already turned down this offer of surrender. Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk said there was no question of surrender, according to CNN. There can be no talks like surrender or laying down of arms in any way. He said- We have already told Russia about this. Instead of wasting time on an eight-page letter, Russia should open the humanitarian corridor.

However, now Russia is continuously bombing residential areas and targeting areas where people are hiding. Ammonia leaks at a chemical plant in Sumy on Monday due to an attack by the Russian military. After this, people living within five kilometers of the plant have been asked to move to a safer place. Earlier on Sunday night, Russia carried out an airstrike on a shopping mall in Kyiv, in which six people were killed. Their bodies were lying on the streets outside and the roads had developed cracks.

On the other hand, Ukrainian President Voldimir Zelensky addressed Israel’s parliament via video conference on Sunday night. During this, he raised questions about Israel’s refusal to sell its Iron Dome missile defense system to Ukraine. Meanwhile, the British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ has reported that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson may visit Kyiv. He has discussed the issue with the officials. US President Joe Biden will visit Poland on Friday. During this he will discuss the crisis in Ukraine with members of NATO and the European Union.

Shubham Bangwal

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