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No one else like Nitish?

If anyone can best represent today’s Indian politics, it is Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. What is today’s politics? Is it following any ideology or principle or policy? Dr. After Ram Manohar Lohia and Jayaprakash Narayan, in the politics that is going on in India, only the game of power and cards is the biggest deciding element. Is there any leader or party in the country today who can claim that he has not joined hands with his opponents? In order to enjoy the pleasures of power, all the parties have slid their principles, ideology and policy under the door.

Nitish Kumar is being accused that he is now making a mess with the leaders and parties whom he used to beat up badly. Not the first time he has done this many times. That is why some are calling him Palturam and some Bahurupiya. But I tell these people a line from Sanskrit. ‘Ksane-kshane yannavatamupaiti tadeva rupam ramaniyatayah’ which means that the form that changes every moment is delightful. That is why Nitish Kumar is the most unique and most loved among all our leaders.

Had it not been so, could he have become the Chief Minister for the eighth time? Do you know any leader in the country other than Nitish, who has become chief minister eight times? Lalu and Nitish have been the leaders of Bihar’s politics for 4-5 decades, but even today it is the most backward province of the country. Still, someone should ask BJP why did it allow Nitish to take the chief minister’s post even after winning one and a half or two times the number of seats? Why did you accept Nitish, who sidelined Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in Patna, as the Chief Minister?

Was it okay to make Nitish’s distasteful RCP Singh a Union minister and break him from Nitish? Before the BJP could topple Nitish, Nitish struck a chord with the BJP. This break between Nitish and BJP is better in every respect. Nitish is keen on conducting caste census and BJP is his opponent. At present, there are more MLAs with Nitish’s government than before. Apart from the BJP, he has the support of almost all the parties of Bihar. But this does not mean that this new alliance will get a majority in the next assembly elections.

Nitish will be able to become the Chief Minister again, it is not certain, but he can play an active role in connecting all the opposition parties in the 2024 general elections. Whether the opposition parties are ready to make him the prime ministerial candidate or not, but his flexible personality is such that he can be a friend of both Ram and Ravana.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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