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No matter how long the film lasts, the result is decided!

Is it possible that there will be a further twist in the film? Make up a new plot before the Narendra Modi story ends or in your third term. The story revolves in such a way that the film of his total tenure should be happy and not sad. That is not possible. Because how is the scope for change in the face and face of Narendra Modi coming from Gujarat possible and in the plot? In the last eight years, the Ekla Chalo in which the Prime Minister has run his government, it is not possible that in the next term, it is not possible to make a story with the wisdom of collective leadership. Loksabha elections are after two years and they can be won only when bulldozers roaming in Muslim settlements move towards mosques! That’s when Gyanvapi, the mosque of Mathura has come on the agenda. There is historical evidence for this and if there is no rational group among Muslims, then it is certain that votes will be made on temple-mosque, Hindu-Muslim only. Similarly, it is also certain that Narendra Modi will continue the process of giving free ration and cash money to 80-100 crore people. After all, one of the reasons for the continuation of the crowd in the theaters of his film is that the audience is getting free food.

So in 2024 also there is a repetition of the plot of 2019 and 2014. Think, what can change in the story after the second interval on the stale plot? Will Narendra Modi’s third government make a united India? Will the soldiers conduct an operation in Pak Occupied Kashmir and take it? Will the Chinese occupation of Indian land end? Will India be declared a Hindu Rashtra? Will the birthplace of Gyanvapi and Mathura be liberated? Will temples be built? Will the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar be excavated?

Whatever it is, the plot will follow the old script, line. No twist like Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas is not possible because neither development is possible nor indigenous self-reliance is possible when the understanding of the economy being pushed continuously in eight years is revealed. Believe it or not, there will be rich and rich. The crony expansion of Ambani-Adani will make Everest permanent to the global number one trillionaire. There will be twenty houses of India, eight to ten cartels continuously charging arbitrary prices from the pockets of 140 crore people. People will take five kilos of free ration and buy two hundred kilograms of mustard oil and make Ambani-Adani Vishwa Kuber and India as Vishwa Guru.

This is the future of Hindus. is destiny. It is also the destiny that the legal constraints of Hindus will increase. Such laws will be made in which breathing, speaking, writing, knowledge and knowing the truth are all rare for Hindus. In the next part of the film, the superheroes will make new laws in their omniscience, in the bloated ego of victory in elections. So that the drumming keeps on increasing. The hunger for votes will also increase. So, politics has to be dirty. Hindu vs Muslim volcano is bound to erupt. Kashmir valleys will be formed in many parts. Democracy and institutions will automatically weaken because who can remain untouched by the effects of a film as long as two intervals!

So think, what was new during the eighth year of the Modi government, or what was happening, knowing which time is wasted in everyday drums and drums. I have seen 13 prime ministers. Have seen their comings and goings, their movies, their plots and the end results very closely. Therefore, among the Hindus, who are living in the faith of truth, the wisdom of eternal life, their request is to all those sponsored headlines of drums, do not get engrossed in false films, but in the tradition of Vedic sages and its human nature. But think! Think, how did we Hindus become like this?

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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