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No intellect, shepherd master!

In intellectual thought both Adam Smith and Karl MarxThe Wealth of Nations and ‘Das Capital’, ‘Communist Manifesto’ wrote. But who took them away by making them slogans? Shepherds and hunters who play with the mind of the people. Means leader. Thomas Jefferson, Lenin, Stalin, Liberal or dictatorial leaders like Mao and similar Hitler have all been hunting human life by making a flag of one or the other god’s intellect.

The mouth of the cataclysm – 17: Man is human by intellect and consciousness. Wisdom is its separation from animals. There is the birth of man. Life is the reason. He is blessed. Growth and prosperity. There is future and destiny. Despite this, man has mortgaged the intellect. He lives not by reason, reason and truth, mind, but in emotion, falsehood and darkness. His behavior is animalistic. It is not surprising then that in human civilizations, man is living a life like an orangutan of the wild life. He is not free from the insecurities, fear, hunger and hunter-gatherer attitudes of the jungle period. He has not attained the enlightenment of the intellect. Wisdom is enslaved by hunters and shepherds, whose skulls have sticks, the DNA of animal instincts of hunting, which have led to systems of domination over human enclosures, making enclosures subordinate to owners, leaders, prime ministers, presidents Huh. Who deprives human beings of the intellect and the truth of the gods by the muscle power of feelings and lies.

two hundred years of experience

Consider the period of the last two hundred years. On the one hand there are few gods of wisdom and on the other those leaders, those shepherds, who have created the history of human exploitation and destruction. Both Adam Smith and Karl Marx wrote ‘The Wealth of Nations’ and ‘Das Capital’, ‘The Communist Manifesto’ in intellectual thought. But who took them away by making them slogans? They are the shepherds and hunters who play with the mind of the people. Means leader. Liberal or dictatorial leaders like Thomas Jefferson, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and the like, Hitler have preyed on human life by making a flag of one or the other god’s intellect. Believe me, Stalin would not have read ‘Das Capital’ in Mao’s house, nor did he have any respect for Marx’s intellect. On the contrary, Stalin in his arrogance must have been hostile to Marx.

The existence of fat Homo sapiens aka wise human beings is meaningless in the animal past of man and the system of hunters, shepherds. The intelligent, truthful human is the DAW in Animalia. But either making people fool by making slogans and flags or unheard and ignored.

There are two examples. I bought a paperback version of ‘The Limit to Growth’ forty years ago. The book was a report of the Club of Rome made in 1972, How much will the earth be exploited? Endless development will drown. That prophecy was considered wasteful by human society for decades. Climate change ignored. Just as Donald Trump had rejected the Paris Agreement by calling climate change the whims of scientists and intellectuals, all the world’s leaders, shepherds are still deceiving people that everything is fine. Scientists and intellectuals are making noise in vain.

The tendency of Donald Trump was like one of its native leaders, Devi Lal. When he considered himself to be God in a state of ecstasy from power, then in his behavior towards the media it was a catchphrase that journalists, intellectuals are black crows of intelligence!

wisdom, Satya Secondary

Despite the differences in mental development, education, environment of Donald Trump and Devi Lal, the nature of hereditary DNA is proof that intelligence, knowledge, matter of truth are external, secondary things in humans with split personality. The human enclosure of Kingdom Animalia contains 98.8 percent of the chimpanzee DNA, so the skull will have fewer chemicals with human intelligence. It is in the exceptional skulls that the seeds of contemplation, contemplation, meditation-knowledge and truth germinate. Only then, whether the past five thousand years have elapsed or the contemporary times, the truth has been permanently irrelevant. Man’s life is beyond the truth, molded in feelings, animal behavior. Beyond the truth, or post-truth, is not the phenomina of today’s social media itself, but the enduring trend of chimpanzee langurish DNA in skulls.

Only then, the respect of the deities of knowledge-science-truth, from whom human beings gradually became superior, their acceptance of their truth, hereditary etc. do not match with human nature. Gnani, Devarshi is out of sight of Cattle class, Pig class, Shepherd class by taking Homo sapiens. They are black crows!

Only then is the earth on the verge of a cataclysm and the human species in hellish enclosures. In fact, no matter how much the evolution of the human skull has taken place in five thousand years, it has not been able to leave animals in practice. Hunger is in the tendency of hunger and he needs material development i.e. money and enjoyment by yen ken. He is struck by the insecurity and fear of the forest, so he also needs a stick. He has lived in tribal life, so he also needs his own shepherds, chiefs, tribesmen. In this endless cycle, the curiosity of the mind is taken away from hunger, hunting, ownership and juggling of tools. It is not surprising then that the desire for intelligence, knowledge, truth and mental development in the human species never became the priorities of its awakening and renaissance.

Only then the truth and solutions of the wise men, scientists and gods, who are leaning on the concern of the earth and the cataclysm, are meaningless to the crowd of eight billion people. People will not change their behaviour.

The question is, can’t all people be seekers with the urge for intellect, mental development? No. For one, all the people are mentally bound in four walls. There are other dependents. The necessary freedom for mental development, people do not get the fertilizer and water of fearlessness. Whereas there is something in the structure of the brain that the intellect becomes functional only when it is aware of the independent environment. His wings should not be tied. Don’t get cut. Let both your heart and your mind not be terrified of fear, cowardice and anxieties.

freedom is nectar

Freedom is the elixir from which wings flap in the genome of the mind. Manhood is born. Man flies. Consider the environment of the creation of Vedas of Sanatani Hindus. People then lived life in the Indus Valley without order and king. Man’s curiosity was nature and self-centred. The surroundings were without old stories. Meditation, contemplation-contemplation was possible with freedom and freedom. As a result what is the result? Vedas and Upanishads were composed. Understanding the forces and energies of nature, the attention of humans became on the Sun, Agni, Indra, Soma, Varuna, etc. The forces of nature were considered as deities. Meditation on him was made and he was invoked with mantras. The meanings of human-nature relationships and human existence were explored.

That philosophy, intellectualism was the revolution of Sanatani Devarshis. There was originality. The destiny of human intelligence to open was the turning point. It is true that the end of the intellect is open in the world at all times when man has got the environment of a free, free-spirited life. It is not a common modern truth that most of the Nobel Prizes for knowledge-science-creation are the result of the independent environment of the liberal universities of Western society. It is rare for Nobel laureates like Einstein to be born in a totalitarian environment like the Soviet Union or China.

In the Vedic period, the god of wisdom was actually Homo Dias. And this happened in other ancient traditions of civilizations such as Mesopotamia-Egypt (triangle of intellectual fertility), Indus Valley, Yellow River region, Greco-Rome. Human beings were then guided by the intellects of a few deities of every civilization.

Back to the question, why is it not possible for every human being to be a wise god?

One of the reasons for moving around is the biodiversity of the biological body. The second reason is the nature of the past, surroundings, experiences. The third reason is that humans do not have real freedom! Then how is it possible for a common man to be free from lies, freedom from post-truths?

Consciousness is in the skull of every human being. The brain of the skull is an inherent magnet, curiosity with hereditary intelligence. From this language, culture, colour-art-music, physical kick are made in the mind. After birth, the child begins to understand on his own. Memory of experiences is formed. That accumulation of basic intelligence is made up of innately hardwired, genes. Consider the language in this matter. How the child’s brain speaks, captures and speaks the language on its own! This happens in the DNA of even small organisms. An example is a bee. The bees tell fellow bees (in their own language) how far from the hive, from the sun, and at what angle from the ground they should go to find flowers that bloom. Meaning bees are born with in-built genes to learn the language of the bee, find the honey they need for survival.

hereditary pattern

In the same way, the human consciousness has a definite pattern, nature of built-in inheritance. Because of that the brain is hardwired (animal inheritance – evolution from past and environment). Psychologist Steven Pinker (The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature) in his book lists more than three hundred human expressions, rituals in which human civilizations have been associated with childbirth, incest taboos, and beliefs about death. are common behaviours. The fact is that the expression of basic emotions on the face of a human being of any corner, culture is more or less the same.

The belief is that the human mind has a mind of ‘decision by reasoning’ and a special groove. He is also capable of making independent decisions independent of the effects of desire, hunger, anxiety, superstitions!

Does this happen? Not!

On the contrary, he leaves his decisions to his clan chief, the shepherds. This is due to 98.9 percent of chimpanzee genes in the brain structure. Secondly, some one hundred and ninety thousand years are from the nature of the experiences of man living life like Mowgli among the animals in the forest. It is by this very nature that he maintains civilization on tools, sticks, cage pillars. Then it is not possible for all human beings to be converted into a godly species who take ‘decisions with reason’. He was, is and will remain the Mowgli of the Jungle Book in nature. The witness of this reality is his nature. (Ongoing)

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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