No constitution, no law… Passion to form government…?

Bhopal. Today, the intellectual voters of India are compelled to think that there has been some deficiency in them in choosing their representatives, or after being elected as a public representative, by beating the expectations and feelings of the common voter, they move on the wrong and non-democratic path. ? That is why it is now being felt everywhere in the country, money has dominated our democratic system, principles and policies and the common voter is questioned only for a few days in every five years and there is a need to vote. After leaving, the general voter is again neglected till the elections to be held five years later. This trend in the country started only after a few years of independence, which is slowly reaching its peak, that is why today the non-democratic drama of forming and toppling the government on the basis of money in the country is also being seen everywhere. And the common voter is forced to remain a spectator by observing silence. ….and as far as the current major national political parties of the country are concerned, competition is going on among them to form their governments by buying public representatives with money.

Recently, a senior Rajya Sabha member publicly made serious allegations on the BJP ruling the country that the BJP has so far brought down the non-BJP governments of the respective states by buying three hundred and seven MLAs of various state assemblies and trying to form their own governments. Tried, the said politician in his statement also told the rates of sale of MLAs which ranges from fifty to eighty crore per MLA, recently the news of toppling the AAP government of Punjab with the same non-democratic tricks and giving financial incentives to the MLAs also surfaced. I, which has not been denied by any political party till date. This alleged BJP tactic has been named as “Operation Lotus”, with various parties demanding a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Along with this, the opposition parties of the country have also started efforts to unite against this alleged “dadagiri” of the BJP. The leaders of the opposition parties have a belief that if they all come together to take on the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections to be held after twenty months, then the BJP will not be able to achieve even the figure of one hundred seats. At the same time, there is also a serious allegation of the opposition parties that the ruling BJP is misusing the central investigative parties Enforcement Directorate (ED), CBI and Income Tax Department for its political purpose and it is implicating its opposition public representatives in false cases. .

Today it is also a big truth that after twenty months, only and only BJP ruling the country is active for the Lok Sabha elections to be held in early 2024, from now it has won its full strength in 116 seats of those nine states. The peep has started where the BJP lost in 2019. Now the BJP’s election reins of the entire country have been taken over by Union Home Minister Amit Bhai Shah and the party’s national president Jagat Prakash Nadda. They are now paying special attention to 116 seats in these states. Senior party leaders of these states have been alerted and both Shah and Nadda are organizing rathlas in these states. It is their effort that at least one hundred seats out of 116 of these nine states should come in the bag of BJP in the next elections and a solid strategy has also been prepared for this.

It is also worth mentioning here that today only two political parties in the country have the status of “National Party”, in which one is the oldest party, the Congress, the ruling BJP on the other, the remaining parties still have state-level recognition, then Be it SP or BSP or you. ….and since now the veteran Congress itself seems to be preparing for suicide, it will not be a surprise that after a few months or years, the BJP alone should be in the fray, against which the opposition parties have been forced to unite. Is. ….and the only goal of the BJP is to establish “united rule” over the entire country and eliminate the existence of the opposition parties, so that in the next elections “no bamboo and no bansuri” BJP is committed in this direction. It is visible, now to what extent the BJP is able to succeed in these efforts and to what extent it can get public support, it is in the womb of the future.

This is an investigation of the current conditions of the country, but at the same time the biggest concern is that money is dominating today’s politics and democracy is disappearing, how to stop it? And it is also right here that only and only the common voter of the country can put the “brake” on this polluted environment, for this it is necessary to have sufficient awareness and the intellectual voter of the country should take a pledge to do so in the interest of the country. Only then can the democratic system be established again in our country, this is the biggest need of today.

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