No-confidence motion against Johnson at Partygate

London. Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, trapped in the matter of partying during the Corona virus epidemic, has increased the difficulties. Johnson will now face a motion of no confidence. This no-confidence motion has not come in Parliament, but from the Conservative Party. If Johnson loses in a vote among 359 Conservative lawmakers, he will be removed from the post of prime minister. But if he wins, the way for him to remain in office for one more year will be cleared.

Significantly, there are allegations against Johnson that when the lockdown and strict restrictions were imposed across the UK due to Corona, a party was held in his house. After the investigation report came out in this Partygate case, more than 40 MPs of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party demanded the resignation of Boris Johnson. These MPs have alleged that Johnson allowed the party to happen at the Prime Minister’s residence and he himself attended it.

Common people had also expressed anger about this. The police had investigated the matter and told that it has registered a case against 83 people and imposed fine. According to the report, mostly junior officers were involved in this case. However, after the no-confidence motion against Boris Johnson in the party, lobbying for a new leader within the party has also intensified.

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