Nitish’s mood was changed by the results of UP

There is still speculation about this that what was the reason that Nitish Kumar left the BJP in Bihar and got back with the RJD? BJP leaders used to make statements against him or question the functioning of the government, it was not a big deal. This happens everywhere in coalition governments. But the goodwill of the BJP central leaders was towards him. Despite this, if he changed his side, the reason for this is being told in the election results of Uttar Pradesh. According to informed sources, he had made up his mind to leave the BJP only after the results of UP.

He was not much troubled by Yogi Adityanath becoming the Chief Minister for the first time in UP, but after that he returned with the BJP. But the BJP’s victory for the second time troubled him. Before the elections, he had told people close to him that Akhilesh Yadav would win and Mandal politics would return in UP. But the results made him feel that a bastion of Mandal politics had collapsed permanently. They did not understand that how BJP can win under the command of an upper caste leader. That’s when he decided to save Mandal’s stronghold in Bihar and at the same time Lalu was contacted through Vijendra Yadav. UP results were out in March and their efforts in five months were successful. Now he and Lalu Prasad together will protect Mandal politics in Bihar.

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