Nitish’s emphasis on uniting the opposition

Patna Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has ruled out contesting from any seat in Uttar Pradesh, saying his sole aim is to unite the opposition. He said that they are only insisting that more and more opposition parties can be brought together. Meanwhile, politics is going to intensify in Bihar as Amit Shah is going to visit Bihar for the first time after JDU split from BJP. They will be in the Seemanchal area for the day on Friday and Saturday. After that Janata Dal-U rallies are also to be held in the same area.

However, on Tuesday, apart from a program, Nitish Kumar was asked by journalists about contesting from Mirzapur or Phulpur. On this Nitish said- Oh such a liar… we are also surprised. All this is useless. My only interest is to bring as many parties together as possible. The more teams that come together, the better. I don’t want anything for myself, I have to work for the new generation.

Targeting the BJP and the central government, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said – everyone is watching the condition of the country, everyone is being controlled. No work is going on in the country. I have no choice for myself. Regarding the BJP, he said – they want that such an environment should be created by creating conflict that their work continues. Regarding the media, he said- Media is controlled, no one else’s news works, only one-sided news runs.

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