Nitish will wait till all party meeting

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is in no hurry. For the past one week, there is a ruckus about the things that have happened in Patna. The first and biggest issue is whether Nitish Kumar will give a Rajya Sabha ticket to the Union Minister and his special warlord RCP Singh or not? The second question is, will Nitish break away from BJP by cutting RCP ticket and reconcile with RJD? Both the issues are very serious and have far-reaching political implications. But Nitish is not taking any decision in a hurry. They are keeping distance from RCP and are also showing this distance. Despite this, it is not finally decided whether they will cut their ticket. On the other hand, Tejashwi Yadav has been roaming in London for a week. If there is to be a change of power in Bihar and the events are changing so fast, they should have happened in Patna. But he was away from Patna, so questions are being raised on the possibility of change of power.

Nevertheless, whatever decision Nitish Kumar has to take, he will take it after the all-party meeting on caste census to be held this week. The Bharatiya Janata Party has made it clear that it is not in favor of the caste census, but the party will not oppose it in Bihar. If the BJP did not participate in the all-party meeting or raised questions on it, then it could be a matter of separation for Nitish Kumar. Then all the parties like RJD, JDU, Congress, Left, LJP, Hum, VIP will come together. If this happens, the BJP will be isolated. Nitish has proposed an all-party meeting on Friday i.e. May 27 and the last date for filing nominations for the Rajya Sabha is May 30. Therefore, whatever decision Nitish will take, it is likely to happen only after May 27. Before that Tejashwi will also reach Patna.

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