Nitish started PM level promises

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar seems to have learned some qualities of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s politics. He has also started making Prime Minister-level promises from now on. Earlier this work was done by Congress leaders i.e. Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. Since the Congress is the largest opposition party in the country and the main opposition party works as a shadow government, the promises of the Congress leaders were understandable. But later the Chief Minister of half-state Delhi Arvind Kejriwal started making national level promises. If he promised to improve the education and health system of the country, he also announced to transform the entire country. He had written a letter to the Prime Minister recently regarding the condition of schools across the country. It is a different matter that the condition of the schools in Delhi itself is very bad.

However, now Nitish Kumar has also started making national level promises after seeing him. He has promised that every small and backward state will be given special status if a non-BJP government is formed at the Centre. Keep in mind that as the Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar himself has been demanding special status for Bihar for a long time. This also got them electoral benefits and to some extent they were able to establish the issue of Bihari sub-nationality. It is demanded in many other states, so Nitish has made an issue of it. But the difficulty is that so far the unity of the opposition parties is only a fantasy. All parties are doing their own politics. First, their unity should be formed, then Nitish Kumar should be made the leader of the united opposition and in the end the opposition should form the government after winning the elections, then only these promises will be fulfilled. But no one is thinking that far. Everyone is trying to strengthen their claim.

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