Nikhil Singh Sumal: An Indian Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Consultant

Nikhil Singh Sumal is an Indian Entrepreneur and Social Media Marketing Consultant. At the age of 19, Nikhil has established a decent name for himself in the marketing industry. He has been continuously working with brands to help them grow. Let’s know more about Nikhil Singh Sumal.

The Journey of Nikhil Singh Sumal

Nikhil Singh Sumal

Nikhil has almost helped 200+ brands from 26 different countries, with most of his clients based in the US, which indeed shows that how he has crossed geographical boundaries with his success. Nikhil was born and brought up in New Delhi, he has always been hardworking and has always worked with dedication. He has an Instagram network of over 10M and has helped many brands and individuals to grow and build a profile on social media. He is also an artist, and an Instagram coach and daily motivates hundreds of individuals to become successful in life. At such an early age all these achievements are nothing less than gold, Nikhil is truly an inspiration to all the youth out there.

Connect to him on Instagram @nkhlmusic

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