NIA team raids in Bhopal and Raisen

Bhopal / Raisen. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) today arrested at least two people by conducting raids in Raisen and Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh (MP) as part of nationwide action for allegedly indulging in anti-national and terrorist activities. taken in.

According to sources, the team of NIA raided the house located in a dense settlement of Bhopal. Apart from this, there are also information about a house being searched in Silwani of Raisen district adjoining Bhopal. During this, it has come to the fore that at least two people have been taken into custody and interrogated. The team of NIA had come from Delhi and there was complete secrecy regarding its action.

However, with the help of special personnel of the State Police, this action has also come to the fore. Official details regarding what was found during the raid were not available. Senior and responsible officers of the state police were seen avoiding speaking anything in this regard. It has been told that NIA teams have also carried out similar raids in Gujarat (Gujrat), Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh (UP).

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