NIA-ED Raids: The scope of investigation of NIA-ED is set to move towards Canada-Pakistan!

The biggest name among those arrested so far is Parvez Ahmed, who is believed to be the “boss” of the PFI of the Delhi region. During the raid, there is talk of meeting the links of PFI with Canada and Pakistan as well?

PFI’s links to Pakistan, Canada

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of India on Thursday central investigative agency i.e NIA-ED by PFI (Popular Front of IndiaThe mass raids carried out on the bases of ) created an uproar. Till the writing of the news, more than 145 suspects related to PFI have been taken into custody in this big action. The biggest name among those arrested so far is Parvez Ahmed, who is believed to be the “boss” of the PFI of the Delhi region. This raid of NIA in 11 states continues till the writing of the news on Thursday afternoon.

In fact, the Indian government took this big step not only PFI To keep it under control, but this raid of NIA has increased the scope of investigation. Canada, Pakistan has also been extended. Many of these facts were confirmed by highly placed sources associated with the NIA and the country’s intelligence agency from the suppressed tongue TV9 Bharatvarsh, according to which, when the strong intelligence information against the NIA was received by the ED, NIA and the Intelligence Department, then a table But all of them were matched by sitting. After that it was decided that the roots of PFI are not limited to India only.

Investigation agencies raid after complete homework

The PFI and the anti-India forces sitting outside the country are making a futile attempt together to weaken India, which had to be destroyed in any case in time. So as soon as the NIA and ED were convinced with the “inputs” gathered by central intelligence agencies and themselves, they handed over their “homework” to the central government.

After that, wherever holes were noticed in the homework of the agencies to the central government (especially the Union Home Ministry and the office of the National Security Advisor), they were closed by the concerned agencies (ED and NIA) by asking for some more time. After this it was decided that now the NIA and ED would jointly raid the PFI bases across the country, on which the local (state police) police could never lay hands.

‘Action should have happened long ago’

A former officer of the Indian intelligence agency, who has been posted for a long time in the Kashmir Valley and then in the Indian border areas with Pakistan, told TV9 Bharatvarsh, “Actually the kind of joint action the ED and the NIA launched against the PFI on Thursday was Should have been done long ago, but if this step has been taken now, then it is not right to put a question mark on this too. The condition of PFI would have been worse with this operation. There was a need for such a simultaneous and big operation also to PFI. In fact, till now PFI used to think that the network it has in every nook and corner of the country. That kind of impenetrable network does not belong to government agencies. That’s why he always dominated the Indian agencies.

Many important documents were found in the raid

The former intelligence officer, who was considered to be a master of intelligence gathering during his long tenure in the Intelligence Department, further said, “The joint raids by the NIA and ED may have dried up the PFI for the first time today. I can say with certainty that today’s raids would have cleared the misconceptions of PFI, in which PFI was always eager to take advantage of the lack of solidarity among our agencies.

On the other hand, according to the news received and filtered out from the headquarters of ED and NIA, “Whatever has been done during the raids on the bases of PFI so far (after Thursday 22 September 2022 afternoon) is of great use. Many such documents have also been involved in this, which will be enough to prove how the PFI was engaged in conspiring to weaken the country on the strength of foreign subversive forces.

145 suspects arrested so far

According to a highly placed source of the Central Investigation Agency (NIA), “So far, close to 145 suspects have been arrested who have direct indirect links with the PFI. At least more than 50 of them are very special from the point of view of Ainda’s investigation. We cannot call them the kingpin of PFI, but there is every possibility of getting a direct hand in promoting the activities of PFI in India and strengthening its networking. He also gave many such information immediately after his arrest, from which many more people have been arrested in 5-6 states of the country, big hideouts have also been taken. About which we (ED and NIA) did not already have any information.

Network spread to Canada and Pakistan

During the raids on Thursday, there is talk of meeting the links of PFI with Canada and Pakistan as well? When asked, a high-ranking officer associated with the NIA said, “Investigation has to be done from every angle. In fact, the matter of funding from abroad was coming to the central agencies for a long time. That’s when we (ED and NIA) had to take action together.”

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During these raids on Thursday, did the ED come to know about some foreign accounts of PFI or about donations coming from abroad to India? When asked, the same NIA officer said in brief, “As of now the raids are on. It is difficult to say anything concrete right now. It can also affect the investigation. ED is doing its job and our teams are busy with their work.”


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