New variant of Corona troubling the world, influx of patients in France! Lockdown in many cities of China

New Delhi | Corona New Variant Fear: Corona virus has once again created a ruckus in the world amid the dying corona infection in India. of corona infection in the world fourth WHO has already alerted all countries about the wave. Many countries are once again battling the corona infection and people are again imprisoned in their homes due to the lockdown. Corona has once again gained momentum in China, after which there is a lockdown in many cities. The BA-2 variant of Corona’s Omicron is spreading rapidly in China and many parts of Europe. In which France, Italy, Germany and the UK have come under its grip.

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Corona patients flood in French hospitals
Corona New Variant Fear: A new variant of corona infection has created an uproar in France, due to which there has been a flood of corona patients in hospitals. The French Health Department has said that in the last 24 hours, the number of people admitted to the hospital due to corona has increased rapidly. The number of patients admitted to Kovid in hospitals has increased from 467 to 21,073.

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New variant wreaking havoc here too
Covid cases in England are at a record level. Whereas, in Scotland and Wales, Corona has reached the peak. According to reports, around 4.2 million people were infected in the UK last week. At the same time, a record 2,96,498 new corona cases were registered in Germany. China’s Shanghai is currently the stronghold of this new variant. More than 4400 cases were reported here on Monday. More than 90 thousand patients were found in Italy on Monday. On Monday, more than 30 thousand new cases of Omicron were registered. Omicron is spreading in South Korea. On Monday, 5 thousand cases of corona came here and 10 people died.

news of relief in india
There is news of relief from corona infection in India amidst increasing cases in the world. In the last 24 hours, 1 thousand 259 cases of corona have been reported in the country, while 35 corona infected have died. During this time, one thousand 705 corona patients have recovered and returned home in the country. After which the active cases have come down to less than 16 thousand.

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