New controversy again! Mahant Paramhans Das of Ayodhya did not get entry in the Taj Mahal, the matter heated up

Agra | Ayodhya Mahant Paramhans Das News: Religious disputes are not taking the name of stopping in the country for the last several days. Every day some new controversy emerges. Now again a new controversy has emerged. In which Mahant Paramhans Das of the ascetic cantonment of Ayodhya was stopped from entering the Taj Mahal in Agra. After which he has expressed displeasure over such behavior.

Stopped despite taking ticket
According to the information, on Tuesday, Mahant Paramhans Das of the ascetic camp of Ayodhya had come to see the Taj Mahal. For this, he also bought a ticket to the Taj Mahal, but as soon as the Mahant reached the entrance, he was stopped by the CISF personnel posted there.

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prevented from entering with a brahmdand
The security personnel present at the entrance of the Taj Mahal stopped the Mahant from entering with a brahmdand and asked him to go inside without a brahmdanda. But Paramhans Das wanted to go inside with Brahmadanda. After which the Mahant alleges that he and his disciples were pushed and thrown out.

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If reports are to be believed, Mahant Paramhans Das has also released a video on this incident. In which Mahant Paramhans Das told that the current staff of the Taj Mahal stopped him for wearing saffron clothes and pushed him out. With this, Paramhans Das said that the history of Taj Mahal is also taught wrongly.

Ayodhya Mahant Paramhans Das News: It seems that now this matter is also gaining momentum. Giving clarification in this matter, ASI superintendent archaeologist Rajkumar Patel said that, there is a ban on any kind of religious activities inside the Taj Mahal. There are rules for entering the Taj Mahal. There was no bar on his entry. He was requested to put the Brahmadand at the gate and take it back, but he did not agree. Let us tell you that the atmosphere in the country has already been heated due to many religious controversies. In such a situation, another new incident should not give rise to any controversy.

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