New Bollywood stars in the race to become a mother!

This song is from an upcoming movie in which Sohar song of desi style has been kept. In the film, the heroine is about to give birth to a child and in that happiness the women sing Sohar songs. Many heroines of Bollywood and TV screens are going to make this imaginary atmosphere of the screen a reality in their homes in the year 2022. Seeing the way the stars have expressed their happiness by publicly showing their baby bump and making the photo of a full stomach viral, it seems that this whole year is going to be a year of little kids in Bollywood.

First of all, the news of the child coming from the house of Priyanka Chopra- Nick Jonas on the 3rd of January in the month of January came. The Bollywood star gave birth to a daughter on Hollywood soil. That’s when speculation started… and who who? Due to the closure of the Corona tragedy, when all work and travel was stopped, we wrote that in the coming year, there will be a lot to hear about the arrival of children in the homes of Bollywood people. The reason was clear that everyone was at home. Everyone was on holiday. So the couple – in biology science is not 11=2, but 3!


Sahil Kothari

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