Neither the game nor the player in the priority of the leader

The players of Indian politics are busy and busy these days about the elections being held in five states. They have no fear of disease. The era of deceit, deceit, lies, deceit and counter-allegations is at its peak. Unfulfilled promises are being made. If any topic is missing in all this, then the interest of the game and the players. game not priority leader

Governments and politicians who swung into action after the results of the Tokyo Olympics, made thunderous claims that their goal was to make India a sports superpower. Some had even said to loot false accolades that by 2028, India is going to become a sports superpower like China and America. The ruling party and the opposition called for giving priority to sports in the country and in their respective states. It felt like the best environment ever for sports was going to be created in the country. Surprisingly, those who had the power to make the country a sports superpower have completely disappeared from the scene.

They are abusing the opposition, changing parties and falling to the extent of degradation to satisfy their hunger for power. But nobody is talking about sports. Neeraj Chopra, Chanu, Ravi, Bajrang and all those who shine their leadership under the guise of Paralympic champions have now gone away from the bird named Khiladi. All the opportunistic leaders have now come down to their reality by getting their photographs taken down with the players, distributing them crores from the state treasury.

In his manifesto, there was no mention of providing better facilities to the players, jobs and other facilities for them. It simply means that the players of our politics do not care at all about the players of the field. If something like this had happened, lakhs of players would not have been unemployed. There are many quotas for getting jobs in the country, but the sports quota of the players has become a victim of the government’s play.

Only those are getting employment, under whose guise the leadership of the leaders can shine. Thousands of sports teachers, coaches and physical teachers are unemployed. For them, a bigger disease than Corona is proving to be the inefficiency of the governments.

In the election meetings, every leader and party is talking about making the country a gold bird, providing free facilities, development above others, but no one says how the unemployment of sportspersons will be removed and in the upcoming Commonwealth and Asian Games. How will the country win more medals! Do they have any plans to make India a sports superpower? If yes, then at least tell me the same?

Rushabh Kothari

Senior Journalist at Youthistaan.

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