Nawab Malik of NCP bifurcated during TV interview, took out the mic and closed the conversation

On the question of protesting in Rajasthan, Nawab Malik said that our party is not there, then the anchor said that your party is not even in UP. On this question Nawab Malik got bifurcated and left the show.

Maharashtra’s ruling Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) allies, Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress had declared a statewide bandh on October 11 over the violence in Uttar Pradesh’s Lakhimpur Kheri. During a conversation with a private news channel, Nawab Malik, a minister in the Uddhav Thackeray government and NCP leader, was so upset that he took off the mike and left.

Regarding the bandh, Nawab Malik said that, we stand against the idea of ​​killing the farmers mercilessly. In such a situation, the anchor said that, you cannot forcefully close the shops? Malik said that, you feel that this is forcibly, you show the recording selectively. We don’t mind.

At the same time, the anchor asked what did you get from Maharashtra Bandh? In response, Malik said that the people of Maharashtra stand with those farmers who were brutally murdered. This bandh has given a message to fight with the oppressors, maybe you have not understood.

The anchor questioned that, many Congress leaders kept a fast of silence, so could this work not be done by observing a fast, without harming the country’s economy? Those who work on daily wages, earn and eat daily, this work could not have been done without harming them?

In response, the minister said, “Modi ji had kept a bandh for three months, then you did not ask the question of daily wages? The anchor said that Modi ji kept it closed, so you are also keeping it closed? It was to save lives, today it is closed to kill. On this Nawab Malik said that you have a stupid argument. Show whatever news you want to show. We don’t have any objection.

On the other hand, on the question of protesting in Rajasthan, Nawab Malik said that our party is not there, then the anchor said that your party is not even in UP. Nawab Malik got confused on this question. He said that the party will decide whether to perform… and where are we, do not ask this question. Saying this, Nawab Malik took out his mic and left the interview.

At the same time, people are giving many different reactions about this on social media. A user named Dinesh (@Dadhich7737) wrote, “Truth is bitter.” Another user Praveen (@parveen_girotra) wrote, “The truth is always bitter. It is very difficult to face the truth. After the unfortunate developments of Chalo Lakhimpur, the dirty political thinking of the opposition came in front of the general public.

Let us tell you that the effect of Maharashtra Bandh was seen on Mumbai and its surrounding areas. BEST buses did not run since morning, causing inconvenience to the people.


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