Nawab Malik NCP: Nawab Malik’s problems increased, the court admitted that the relationship with ‘D Company’ was…

Nawab Malik NCP : Nawab Malik, a minister in the Maharashtra cabinet and NCP leader, is now seen to be in big trouble. The reason behind this is that now the court has also accepted that Nawab Malik had a connection with the D gang. After this action of the court, it is almost certain to increase the troubles of the Nawab. In the chargesheet sent by the ED against Nawab Malik, it was clearly alleged that Nawab Malik had a relationship with the underworld. Malik had hatched a conspiracy to acquire the land of the Goawala compound. He had several meetings with Haseena Parakar for this and the ED also alleges that Nawab Malik’s strings were directly linked with hawala.

ED had made serious allegations

Nawab Malik NCP : After the arrest of Nawab Malik, a minister in the Maharashtra government, serious allegations were made in the ED. Along with money laundering, the ED had talked about the direct connection of the Nawab with the underworld. Now on the basis of the evidence presented in the court, the court has also accepted that the connection of the Nawab has been with the underworld. After the arrest, the ED had demanded from the court that it is necessary to keep Nawab Malik in custody because only then his relationship with the D company can be proved.

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Nawab was arrested in February.

Nawab Malik NCP : Let us inform that taking action, ED arrested Nawab Malik in February. After this he remained in jail for several days and after the bail application was rejected, Nawab Malik was brought out of jail for treatment. Let us inform that at present Nawab Malik is suffering from kidney disease and is constantly visiting the hospital for treatment. According to the latest information, as per the directions of the court, Nawab may soon be admitted to a private hospital in Mumbai for treatment.

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