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Navratri Weight Loss Tips In Hindi: Shardiya Navratri has started. Many people keep a fast for the entire nine days in Navratri. For the whole nine days, the worship of the mother is done with reverence. But the purpose of fasting for some people is only to reduce weight. But perhaps they do not know the right way how to lose weight, so sometimes they have to face weakness. Not eating anything for the whole day, staying hungry, all these affect the face by bringing weakness.

But in these Navratras, weight can also be reduced in the right way (Navratri Weight Loss Diet). For example, instead of eating potatoes in the morning, you can have fruit smoothie. Which is beneficial for your health and it will reduce your weight along with eliminating your hunger. Let us tell you how to make you healthy smoothie

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Mix Fruit Smoothie

Breakfast should always be healthy. Mix fruit smoothie is very healthy. You can use many types of fruits to make it. And this mix fruit smoothie is very beneficial for the health of children. Mix fruit smoothie is ready in a jiffy.

Ingredients for Mix Fruit Smoothie


Banana, apple, ripe guava, pomegranate seeds

If you want, you can make smoothies with different fruits and different vegetables every day.

How to Make Mix Fruit Smoothie Recipe

First of all, mix all the fruits well and take out the seeds.

Then cut the fruit into small pieces.

Now put them in a blender and mix a little milk and stir it a couple of times so that all the fur gets mashed.

Add milk according to your requirement and blend it well in the mixer.

Now pour it in a glass. If you want, you can also add some honey to it. Now your healthy and nutritious smoothie is ready to drink. You can make it everyday by adding different fruits and ingredients.

When to Drink Mix Fruit Smoothie (Kab Piye Smoothie)

By the way, make it in the morning and drink it. By noon you will not feel the need to eat anything. And if you want, you can drink it even in the afternoon. But most fruits are not eaten in the evening. You can take some dry fruits these seeds for drinking smoothies in the morning, but very little. You can also drink black coffee before lunch. This will also help in your weight loss.


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