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National Award winning film creator Rima Das’ third consecutive Assamese film “Tora Ke Pati” has world premiere

Starring Abhijit Das and Tarali Kalita Das in the lead roles, Tora Ke Pati is the story of a loving father and a kind neighbor, who struggle to sustain their small town business. While his relationship deteriorates, amid the loss and the lockdown. Shot during the lockdown, the film depicts life in a small town during the pandemic.

Writer-director-producer Rima Das made the film independently with a small unit. Sharing her journey, Rima Das says- “The story of my hero reflects my personal journey of living and working in the midst of the pandemic. Between loss, lockdown and life, we shot the film in real locations and natural conditions for over 2 years. The shooting of this film was more challenging than my previous films as the pandemic restricts you in many ways. It was this constant feeling of fear and restlessness, which my characters also portray. But I knew that I just had to shoot this film, because this time will become history one day.” Rima Das has paid tribute to her father Bharat Chandra Das in this film, who died during the Kovid epidemic . Rima Das herself says – “I lost my father in the initial days of shooting the film. I dedicate this film to my father and all those who have lost their loved ones during the pandemic.”
Story Synopsis of the movie ‘Tora’s Husband’:

Loss and lockout, life and death – like everywhere in the world, a small town businessman in Assam is grappling with uncertainty and restlessness. With a worldview unlike those around him, he strives to be a better version of himself and expects the same from those around him. Sometimes he becomes aggressive and sometimes he argues with love and patience. But his hopes are crushed time and again. Struggling with his poorly performing business and strained personal relationships, he tries to find the motivation to keep going.


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