Myanmar: When bullet hit a moving plane, passenger injured

Military government held the rebels responsible, all planes canceled indefinitely

In your childhood, when you must have been watching the plane, then you must have also thought that can any object, stone or bullet thrown from the earth reach the plane flying in the air above? Or could the ship hit a bird or something like that? Now one such strange case has been seen in Myanmar where a passenger sitting in the plane was suddenly shot. Surprisingly, this bullet hit him when the plane was high in the air. It is estimated that the bullet that went into the plane was fired from the ground, which hit the passenger directly, piercing the cabin of the airplane. The plane was at an altitude of 3,500 feet, four km from the airport when the bullet was fired.

All aircraft canceled indefinitely

According to the information, this incident is of Myanmar National Airlines aircraft. The passenger has been badly injured in the incident. He was immediately taken to the hospital after landing. At the same time, another picture of the incident surfaced, in which the hole made by the bullet on the airplane is visible. Loikaw is the capital of Kaya State, Myanmar. “Following the incident all flights have been canceled indefinitely,” the local Myanmar National Airlines office said.

Rebels accused of firing

Significantly, at present, the Myanmar army is in power. The army overthrew the country’s democratic government last year and took control. Since then there has been constant fighting between the military and rebel groups in the eastern state of Kaya. The people opposed the coup, which was crushed with force by the army. The military government has blamed the rebel forces for the incident. However, rebel groups have denied the shooting. It was said on behalf of the organization that their party does not attack civilians. Military always blames others.

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