My ‘permanent’ resignation to Soniaji

Jaipur. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has termed the speculations being made in a section of the media about the change in the state government as ‘rumour’ and said that his resignation as Congress President is with Sonia Gandhi. Along with this, without naming any state, he said that when the Chief Minister has to be changed, then no one will hear the news.

Chief Minister Gehlot was addressing the state level convention of Rajasthan Revenue Service Council here. He began his speech by reciting the meaning of a Sanskrit verse, saying, “Neither do I wish for the kingdom, nor do I want heaven and salvation.” It is my wish that I may be helpful in removing the sorrows of the suffering beings. Gehlot said that he had this quote in his mind. He said that people should not pay heed to such rumors going on in the media.

Referring to this year’s state budget, Gehlot said that everyone is discussing it. He said, if there is some little work left in this, then we will do that too. Rumors keep going on. You don’t have to pay attention to him in the media, in the newspapers.

Gehlot said, when the Chief Minister has to be changed, no one will know by ear. The Chief Minister said that people are confused by such rumours and governance is also affected. Gehlot said that the whole country should be worried about the condition of the Congress in the country today because every person who thinks of the interest of the country wants that the Congress should be strong.

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