Mumbai : Singer Sonu Nigam has been threatened for doing a free show.

Mumbai | Sonu Nigam Controversy Mumbai : Singer Sonu Nigam is constantly in discussions. Along with his singing, he is also known for his impeccable style. Once again Sonu is in discussions. Maharashtra BJP MLA Amit Satam claimed in the assembly on Friday that singer Sonu Nigam has been threatened by a relative of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) commissioner IS Chahal. He has said that there was a dispute between the two over organizing a free show, after which an attempt was made to intimidate them. He said that for not doing so, a notice would be sent to Sonu and the act of sabotage was told to be carried out.

Demand for action from the state government

Sonu Nigam Controversy Mumbai : BJP MLA said in the assembly that Sonu himself has complained about this. He has demanded action from the state government in the matter. Satam said in the assembly that Sonu Nigam has given a complaint that Chahal’s brother Rajinder is asking Sonu Nigam to organize a free show. Failure to do so will send a notice to their house and sabotage activity will be carried out. Therefore, the government should look into this and take action against Rajinder and Iqbal Singh Chahal.

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abuses on the phone

Sonu Nigam Controversy Mumbai : During a conversation with reporters outside the assembly also, the BJP MLA reiterated the allegation. He said that IS Chahal’s cousin Rajinder was abused and threatened over the phone to protest against Sonu Nigam’s free show. Satam said such behavior should not be tolerated at any cost. I have personally spoken to Sonu Nigam and he informed me that he and his office were threatened over phone calls.

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