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Mumbai Portraits: Ever-growing Community of Photographers founded by Krrish Khade

Today we are going to talk about an ever-growing community of photographers which is owned by a 22 years old guy. Mr Krrish Khade had started Mumbai Portraits page at the age of 19. And now he has a team of few people. They all work together towards the community of photographers. Let’s know more about the Mumbai Portraits and its founder Mr Krrish.

About Mumbai Portraits

Mumbai Portraits was firstly a featuring page and used to feature the artists from Mumbai, India & other countries as well. But, unlike other featuring pages, Mumbai Portraits Team has done a lot of tremendous things which helped the photographers, models, makeup artists to start their career, or to increase their business.

Very few people know the meaning of a Featuring Page, so Featuring Page is a platform where they feature amazing artists from Mumbai, India & other countries as well. They tag Mumbai Portraits in their pictures to get a feature, and they also use the hashtag #m_portraits. Mumbai Portraits have more than 110K posts on this hashtag which people have submitted to get the feature. They receive 300-500 photo tags daily to get a feature. Mumbai Portrait is now a community of more than 56k people.

The Founder Mr Krrish Khade

Krrish Khade, Mumbai Portraits, Krrish Khade founder mumbai portraits

The real name of Krrish Khade is Balkrushna Khade. His friends changed his name in his school days. Krrish is 22 years old now. He comes from a middle-class family stays in Airoli, Navi Mumbai. He has completed a diploma in Automobile Engineering. And he is a professional photographer now. His Instagram is @krrish.portraits

While pursuing a diploma, he was also doing photography. And while handling social media, he came to know that there is no platform in India which supports the budding photographers to learn and to push-start their career. While there were a lot of features pages, and they used to do nothing but featuring artists. So, he came up with a thought that he wants to do something for this community, so he also started Mumbai Portraits as a Featuring page on 9th of March 2017 when he was 19 years old, and then slowly and steadily he started doing some unique & creative things which made the photographers & models learn something new in everything that Mumbai Portraits does. The aim behind Mumbai Portraits was to support the budding photographers, models & makeup artists to learn and grow in the industry. And they have done many things which proves it now.

Portrait Photowalk

They came up with a concept of Portrait Photowalk, which was never done in Mumbai/India, and now few other featuring pages are copying the trend. Still, Mumbai Portraits have the records of organising the best Photowalk every time. The biggest Portrait Photowalk which happened in Mumbai was held by them, around 250-300 Photographers gathered in that Photowalk.

Portrait Photowalk is a gathering of Photographers, models & Makeup artists. Where they come together and click pictures with a different theme in each unique Photowalk, and they learn from it. They meet many new people working in the industry, build up their networks, and they work together in future. Generally in a Photowalk, the models, Photographers ratio is 1:10.

Mumbai Portraits was the first featuring page in Maharashtra or even in India, to do such events, not only photowalks but also YouTube shows & Competitions like Portraits Meetups, Portrait Battles. Many other featuring pages started organising Photowalks after them, but the photographers & models who participated in our Photowalks have got some achievements to be proud of. One of the pictures of a photographer got featured in VOGUE, which he had clicked in our Photowalk.


Unlike other featuring pages, they have worked with some of the well-known brands. Like FORD India, Reevs Fashion Week, Ambassador of PINKATHON, Golden Concept. Pinkathon is a brand of Milind Soman. Mumbai Portraits have worked with Retro Kolkata as their Global Associate. Retro Kolkata is one of the biggest art events in India, and for the first time, they were on the hoardings in Kolkata. One of the pictures from Photowalk has also got featured in VOGUE. It was a special moment for the team.

Team Mumbai Portraits said, “We had also got a Bollywood celebrity as a special guest in our Photowalk. Her name is Suzanna Mukherjee. And we also had an international Photographer as a guest in our very first Photowalk Anubhav Sood; he is a great personality & an amazing artist. and last but not least, our team which is always together in every event & every situation, We would love to mention their names, Akash Pawar, Rahul Soni, Kartish Pitale & Meet Tanna, these are the supports for every Photowalk.”

And all of these achievements and the things that we did for photographers was possible only because of our Founder Mr Krrish Khade. He has done a lot at a young age. And many people are following him right now as an inspiration.

Future plans of Mumbai Portraits

We asked Team Mumbai Portraits about their plans. Here’s what they told us. “The thing is we don’t usually tell our audience what our next plan is we always like to keep secrets and to give them surprises but can tell you that; we want to take Mumbai Portraits to a level, where we can showcase our community at a level, where dancing & singing communities are now in India. Photographers/models haven’t got that much of fame/respect in India, which dancers & singers have already got. And we have already got few plans for that, to work in future. We just need support from our audience, as they always do.”

“There are a few things like some people have created the accounts with the same name Mumbai Portraits, and we tell our audience to stay aware because they can ask money or something else pretending to be us. And yes, we are the first Featuring Page to open their studio. Yes, we have already started construction of our studio in Navi Mumbai, it will soon be ready for shoots.”

Well, that’s all about Mumbai Portraits community. We would like to thank Mr Krrish Khade for sharing about this ever-growing community of photographers. Feel free to follow Mumbai Portraits on Instagram.

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