Multibagger stock: This stock ran like a rocket, gave 60% return in 30 days, no effect of market breakdown


Multibagger sock

Multibagger stock: For the past one month, the stock market around the world has been in the grip of a fall. The Indian stock market is no exception to this. In the Indian stock market too, the bear has a big advantage over the bull. Due to this, the Nifty 50 has fallen by 8 percent and the Sensex by 7.80 percent in a month. Due to the huge fall in the market, the investors have lost lakhs of crores of rupees. But in the meantime there is such a company whose health has not been affected by this big decline. It is galloping and making huge profits to the investors. We are talking about Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd.. The company has given a return of 60% to the investors in the last 30 days.

The price rose from Rs 178 to Rs 284 in a month

In the last one month, the share price of Chennai Petroleum Corporation has increased from Rs 178 to Rs 284. Investors have got returns of around 60 per cent during this period. At the same time, if we talk annually, then this petroleum stock has increased from Rs 103 to Rs 284. That is, a return of about 175 percent has been given.

Market capitalization Rs 4,270 crore

The current market capitalization of Chennai Petroleum Corporation is Rs 4,270 crore. The book value of Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited is above 200 per share. Chennai Petroleum Corporation stock’s 52-week high price is Rs 321 per share, which it made last week, while its 52-week low level is Rs 94.45 per share. Veteran investor Dolly Khanna has made a big bet on this stock. Veteran Investments bought 1 million shares i.e. 1 million shares through a bulk deal in the open market on NSE on Thursday, 28 April 2022.

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