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Muli Khane Ke Fayde: Winter season has knocked. In such a situation, we should take special care of our health. Because due to the changing weather, minor diseases keep happening. Cold and cough are common in the winter season. But we will tell you such a thing, by eating which your immunity will be strong and the risk of diseases will also be less.

Radish is very beneficial for health (muli khane ke interactions)

Seasonal vegetables must be consumed in winter. Eating seasonal vegetables is good for health, radish is also one of them. There are many benefits of eating radish in winter. Radishes are rich in vitamins E, A, C, B6, and K. Apart from this, antioxidants potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron and manganese are also found in radish. Which proves to be very beneficial for health.

Benefits of Eating Radish (Concept Photo – Social Media)

Let us tell you how to eat radish What are the benefits ofmuli khane ke interactions)

1. Radish is rich in calcium, which makes our bones strong. By eating radish, the digestive system remains strong, due to which digestion becomes easy. In addition, radish strengthens our immunity. Due to which diseases like cold and cough also do not occur.

2. Radish also proves to be very beneficial in diseases like heart, kidney and BP. Consumption of radish daily also cures hunger related diseases.

Do not eat radish on an empty stomach in the morning (Concept Photo – Social Media)

Do not forget to consume radish at this time (muli khane ke nuksan)

1. Consumption of radish is very beneficial for our health. It should also be consumed daily. But even after forgetting, radish should not be eaten empty stomach at night or in the morning. If radish is eaten empty stomach at night or in the morning, it can harm our health instead of benefit.

Note- This news has been prepared according to similar information. Before implementing this, you must take the advice of the doctor.


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