Mukesh Ambani gifted a 22-storey luxury building to a co-worker, a staff of 175 people would protect and care, the price would blow the senses!

Mumbai | Mukesh Ambani Gift 22 Storey Building: One of the richest people in Asia and Reliance Industry (Reliance Industries LimitedMukesh Ambani, the owner of ) has not only taken the person working with him to the heights, but seeing his loyalty and dedication towards work, has given such a wonderful gift that whoever heard it was astonished. Mukesh Ambani has gifted him a 22-storey building in the most expensive area of ​​Mumbai city. This happy lucky person is also not a common man but is considered to be the right hand of Ambani. His name is Manoj Modi, who has been working with Ambani for a long time.

1500 crores is the price
Mukesh Ambani Gift 22 Storey Building: The price of the 22-storey building presented by RIL Chairman and CMD Mukesh Ambani on Nepean Sea Road in Mumbai to Manoj Modi is also shocking. The cost of this building is being said to be Rs 1500 crore and its name is Christened Vrindavan.

Manoj Modi will be with the whole family
Manoj Modi will live with his entire family in this wonderful building. Every floor of the building is tailored to suit their family members. Modi’s office will be on the 14th floor of this building and on the 15th floor there will be a medical house which will also have ICU set-up as well as a worship room on the same floor. Seven storeys of the building will be for parking only. Apart from this, state-of-the-art gaming facilities, party rooms, formal meeting areas, spa center as well as a theater on other floors can be enjoyed by everyone including family.

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A swimming pool on the terrace like the Arabian Sea, the furniture of Italy will enhance the beauty
The infinite swimming pool on the roof of this bungalow gifted to Manoj Modi seems as if the Arabian Sea is booming on the roof itself. One of the most expensive residences in Mumbai, this building has 8,000 square feet each floor and the entire bungalow is spread over 1.7 lakh square feet. It is being built by Leighton India Contractors Pvt Ltd. The interior work has been entrusted to Talti & Partners LLP. The furniture used in the entire building has been sourced from Italy.

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Mukesh Ambani

There will be a staff of 175 people for safety and care
Let us tell you that the bungalow gifted by Ambani to Manoj Modi will have a staff of about 175 people, which will also have chef, butler and manager, for the safety and care of the family. A high tech security system designed by an Israeli company has also been installed to protect the entire building.

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