MS Dhoni: Importance of district level

Former India captain ‘Chennai Super KingsMahendra Singh Dhoni has disclosed about district cricket, which is an eminent thing for future cricketers who have a lot of opportunity to play an international level, adding that no one can peak on the top without having this process.

It is crystal clear from this, when we started cricket, the want, or the will was to score in that tournament. Why? Why do you want to represent your district? When you play inter tournament and you do well, as well you got your target audience and their views, which is an important to earn name and make a place in people’s heart.

First of all, I want to say all youngbloods who are future cricketers, need to be proud of the district that you show, as we should to start playing from school, you want to do well for school and get selected for the district team where you meet your competitors who play the better than you. When you are able to play with them than try to achieve the Ranji Trophy level and ultimately you want to represent India, he added, while having long experience of the Thiruvallur District Cricket Association.

When we talk about the grassroots level of cricket, what you exactly need is cricket from where is starts, and where it is governed. “We are cheering the flourishment of a district cricket association and I special thanks to my district association back home. In school-level I felt in seventh heaven as it’s the best place where you can play all the different sports, but at the same time the responsibility comes to the district cricket association to arrange a cricket tournament where all the schools, they make sure that it’s pretty enough to compete,” said Dhoni.

A range of cricketers who are hardworking to get selected for the district team, and get a chnce to doing better ultimately helping not only the district but the state cricket association. Therefore, today I would adore to thank my Ranchi District Association for organising all the categories at the point of time, and more often than not, more of the states follow the same blueprints.

“I felt always lucky to get chance to represent my country, but it would not have started if I have not played for my district, if I have not plated in school. Being proud for being a part of the district is very important as if it does not start at that level, we will not really represent the nations.




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