MP Vidhan Sabha: Uproarious start of limited session

Bhopal. The Pavas session of the Vidhan Sabha has started, on the first day, after paying tribute to the late O including Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati, the proceedings of the House were adjourned till Wednesday. But the Congress MLAs, the way they brought a sack of garlic on the very first day, wanted to raise the issue of farmers in the house, expressed their anger by scattering garlic on the road at the gate of the assembly for not being allowed to take them inside.

Actually, the Paas session of the Vidhan Sabha is important in many ways, especially the supplementary budget has to be passed, the legislators have raised questions, but the duration of the session is till September 17 and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting the state on September 17. Due to this, the first session will end, that is why the opposition is desperate to raise the issues, the same is the attempt to pass the supplementary budget to the ruling party and tell the achievements of the government through the house. However, the way the opposition was raising questions regarding the duration of the session, after the meeting of the Business Advisory Committee, Speaker Girish Gautam said that the time of about 3:30 hours has been increased every day.

One and a half hour lunch has been abolished and in the evening instead of 5:30 pm, the house will run till 7:30 and if the important matter is going on inside the house then even after 7:00 pm, the subject will continue. Can be run till the end. However, on the first day of the monsoon session of the assembly, a dozen Congress MLAs reached the assembly with sacks of garlic on their shoulders, clashed with the security personnel at the gate and scattered the garlic, Congress MLA Jitu Patwari, Sachin Yadav, Kunal Chaudhary Lakhan Yadav and about a dozen MLAs on the shoulders. MLA Sachin Yadav, who had reached the assembly with sacks of garlic, alleged that farmers who were not getting the price of garlic today were forced to sell garlic for one rupee per kg, the government stopped the Bhavantar scheme.

Overall, the opposition has started an uproar as soon as the house started, although the house was adjourned after paying tribute to the deceased on the first day. That strict legal action will be taken in this matter, Transport Minister Govind Rajput, while talking to reporters, said that from this month the panic button will be started in all the buses, while Culture Minister Bhushan Thakur demanded a ban on Pon, he said that there is a moral in the society. Realization and values ​​will increase only then such incidents will be controlled By becoming the Leader of the Opposition, it will be expected that the parliamentary traditions will continue to be followed, he and his party will also be helped in the operation of the House, while congratulating Dr. Govind Singh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that I am experienced Parliamentary traditions will be discharged Parliamentary Affairs Minister Narottam Mishra said that Dr. Govind Singh believes in having a meaningful discussion at Halla’s place. We will discuss every issue in the House, it is not our aim to disturb in vain, to have a meaningful debate, this will be our effort and we will get cooperation in all the works of public interest of the government. Obviously, the opposition has burning issues to raise in the house, while the ruling party has an account of the achievements, but due to this, there will be a hurry to settle the necessary work.

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