MP: Local body elections relying on established leaders

Bhopal. Campaigning for the election of 46 urban bodies, which is going to be held in the state on September 27, definitely stopped on Sunday evening, but the heartbeat of the candidates has increased because these elections are being fought entirely on the trust of the local established leaders. Somewhere the effect of pressure is visible and somewhere the nature of nature is visible.

In fact, the elections may be small but their messages are big. Elections are being held especially in the area of ​​those leaders who hold an important place in the politics of the state. Perhaps this is the reason why the candidates for the post of councilor are completely dependent on their local leader. The role of party leaders is visible in very few places. These elections are being seen as a penalty corner before the general elections are to be held in the state after one year. In which the role of the local MLA or minister has become important in a completely election winning role.

Especially ministers Gopal Bhargava, Bhupendra Singh, Thakur Vijay Shah, MLA Congress Jhuma Solanki, Harsh Vijay Gehlot, Vijayalakshmi Sadho whose assembly constituencies have become strongholds, they have to fight this election indirectly. On Sunday evening, before the election campaign came to a halt, a general meeting was also organized in the areas and where the difference was clearly visible. For example, meetings of BJP and Congress were held in Gadhakota area of ​​Minister Gopal Bhargava. The BJP meeting took place at the Gadhakota bus stand. In which there was a crowd of thousands, while the meeting of Congress was held in Bajaria, which could not gather even a crowd of hundreds.

In the meeting of BJP, Minister Gopal Bhargava talked about winning all the councilors to bring more momentum in the development of Gadhakota due to the BJP government in the state and the center, he also explained the difference between how Gadhakota was then and how Gadhakota is now. BJP District President Gaurav Sirothia and BJP leader Abhishek Bhargava also addressed the gathering. On the other hand, most of the speakers in the Congress meeting continued to criticize Bhargava. The difference in the crowd in the last meeting led to enthusiasm in the BJP camp and disappointment in the Congress. Voting in Khurai Municipality of Khurai Vidhan Sabha of Sagar district is now a mere formality because out of 32 wards, BJP has won 21 wards unopposed, elections are being held in only 11 wards. Out of which Congress is fighting in only 2 wards.

No wonder, after the BJP won all the wards here, Congress leader Arunoday Choubey, who was the MLA here, resigned from the Congress, the Congressmen are disappointed. The Congressmen of Sagar and Bhopal also could not make Congress candidates in all the wards. Minister Bhupendra Singh was continuously running a campaign to make Congress free Khurai. In the Karrapur Municipal Council of Sagar district itself, there is an interesting contest in all the wards, but the way in the last one week, the BJP organization has made ground gathering and local MLA Pradeep Laria is working hard. After that BJP’s hopes have increased here too. At present, there is a lot of discussion about the election of Harsud Municipal Council in the state because Hindu Mahasabha has fielded candidates in 11 wards out of 15 wards here. Minister Vijay Shah, who is winning elections for 7 consecutive times, is having to sweat in these councilor elections.

State President Vishnudatt Sharma has also gone to this meeting. Efforts are also going on to persuade the Hindu Mahasabha till the last moment. Similarly, Congress MLA Jhuma Solanki is facing the danger of breaching her stronghold in Khargone’s Bhikangaon Municipal Council elections. Congress MLA Harsh Vijay Gehlot is trying to save the strongest as the BJP has never been able to sit its president on the Sailana Municipal Council and this time Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and former Sailana MLA Sangeeta Charol are trying their best to make sure that BJP is the president here. occupy the position. After the Chief Minister’s meeting, the contest has become interesting. Similarly, in all 15 wards, former minister in Maheshwar and Mandaleshwar Municipal Council and senior Congress leader Vijayalakshmi Sadho is trying hard to reach voters. The BJP is claiming victory in Mandaleshwar here as in 2017, while the sadhu insists that somehow the Maheshwar municipal body should at least remain in favor of the Congress.

Altogether, in the elections of 46 urban bodies of the state, voting is to be held on September 27, for which the campaigning has stopped, but who will get the thrust and who will get the setback, its decision will be known only on September 30, but this election is completely more than the councilor candidates. It is happening in the face of the local established leaders, that is why the veteran leaders have to do whatever it takes to save their stronghold.

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