‘Mount St Mary’s School’ accused of promoting rape

New Delhi | School Rape Crime : A sick school in Oklahoma City, USA has been accused of a strange. The case pertains to Mount St. Mary’s Catholic High School (MSM) here, where an alumnus and parents of at least six students have accused the school of promoting rape. A case has also been registered in this regard. Parents and guardians of 10 current and former students and six students of the school have registered this case. During the filing of the case, it has been claimed that the school authorities knew since 2011 that girl students were being raped and sexually assaulted by other students, teachers and coaches and did not take any steps to stop it. That is why it is being said that MSM encouraged rape.

School Rape Crime :
Image Source : Times Now

Action not taken even after complaint

School Rape Crime : It claimed that MSM did not take any steps to prevent or report rape and sexual harassment. Rather misbehaved with the complaining women and girls. Mount St Mary’s principal Laura Cain said in a statement that she was aware of the case, but could not comment on the matter. She said that the matter has reached the court and now the police will investigate it, so I do not want to affect the investigation by saying anything.

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Police is now investigating the matter

School Rape Crime : After registering the case, the police has started the investigation of the case. Talking about the victims, along with the girls who are studying now, there are many earlier students who are coming to the fore after the case is registered. The girl students say that along with the students studying together, the teachers also used to do dirty work with us. On protesting, the girl students were being intimidated and they were being intimidated and silenced.

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