Monalisa smiles ‘Aafat’ on Barsai fans, users say – ‘Baby will agree to Marwa’



  • Monalisa shared the video
  • Multiple avatars shown in one video

Monalisa New Video: Monalisa’s fan, who has traveled from Bhojpuri films to ‘Bigg Boss’ and then to the list of top actresses of the TV industry, has a strong following. She is quite active on social media and knows the art of keeping her fans engaged. That’s why she never takes long to follow a trend. This is the reason why every picture and video of Monalisa spreads like fire as soon as it comes out. By sharing one such video, Monalisa has made the Sunday of her fans a little more special.

Monalisa’s video caused ‘a disaster’

Actually, Monalisa has shared a video on Sunday afternoon. In which mix clips of many of his looks are seen. In this video of Monalisa, the top trending song ‘Aafat’ from the film ‘Liger’ is being heard in the background. Now the combo of Monalisa’s looks and this tremendous song is winning the hearts of the people. Watch this video…

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All the looks from bikini to gown and saree

While sharing this video, Monalisa wrote in the caption, ‘Aafat.’ In which Monalisa is looking very beautiful in a black colored bodycon dress. At the same time, she is seen having fun in the pool wearing a bikini. Monalisa’s fans have become crazy after seeing this video. Monalisa is looking very glamorous and stunning in all these looks. It has been just 3 hours since the video surfaced and it has got more than 13 thousand views.

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