Mizoram: Stone mine collapses, 8 workers killed, rescue operation underway

New Delhi | Mizoram Stone Mine Collapse: In the Hanthiyal district of Mizoram state, a major traumatic accident occurred when a stone quarry collapsed on a hill slope. In which 8 people have been reported dead, while 4 people are buried under the rubble, whose search is on. The administration has started a rescue operation to rescue the people trapped under the debris.

12 to 13 laborers were working
According to the information, this painful accident has been said to have happened on Monday afternoon in Maudadh village located in Hanthiyal district. When the workers of ABCI Infrastructure Pvt Ltd were working in the mine, a major part of the mine collapsed and 12 to 13 people were hit by it. It is being told that when this accident happened, around 15 people were present on the spot.

Mizoram Stone Mine Collapse: According to an official of Mizoram’s Disaster Management and Rehabilitation Department, the reason for the accident could be the crude method of excavation used by the people. After the accident, the medical team including the police administration also reached the spot and the rescue operation was carried out.

One managed to save himself
Mizoram Stone Mine Collapse: Describing this incident, the Superintendent of Police said that 12-13 laborers were working there at the time when this incident happened. When the accident of the mine collapse happened, one laborer managed to run away from there but the rest of the workers got trapped in the rubble. The administration, who arrived on the information, has started a rescue operation to find them.

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