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Mirabai Chanu is an Indian Olympic player who has recently won India’s first medal in the Olympics in Tokyo. Mirabai Chanu won the silver medal by lifting a weight of 202 kg. You will be surprised to know that India has got the weightlifting Olympic medal after a complete 21 years, Mirabai has secured the first position in women’s weightlifting in 48 kg. Neeraj Chopra also got India to win gold in the Olympics.

Criteria Details
Full Name Chanu Saikhom Mirabai
Profession Indian Weightlifter
Height (approx.) in centimetres- 150 cm

in meters- 1.50 m

in feet inches- 4’ 11”

Weight (approx.) in kilograms- 48 kg

in pounds- 106 lbs

Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Dark Brown

Mirabai Chanu New World Weightlifting Championship: In the year 2017 by lifting a weight of 194 kg, she won the gold. The day Mirabai Chanu Gold was named after her real sister’s wedding, she did not go to the wedding and pursued her goal and that is why today she is in front of us as a champion.

Mirabai Chanu

Brief information 

Mirabai Chanu is an Indian woman who hails from Manipur. Mirabai Chanu is an Olympic Indian athlete who recently won India’s first medal in the ongoing Olympics in Tokyo. Mirabai Chanu has worked very hard to get the gold medal in this Olympic sport. India has got the weightlifting Olympic medal after 21 years Mirabai has made India proud all over the world by getting the weightlifting Olympic medal. Mirabai Chanu is the first woman to have won a silver medal in the 49 kg category in an Olympic Games and has made India proud.

Mirabai Chanu, who brought a silver medal in the Olympic weightlifting sport, is being congratulated today by not only her family members but also all the people of the whole country, not only this, PM Narendra Modi himself has called and congratulated Mirabai. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that not only us but all the people of the country are proud of Mirabai Chanu, Mirabai Chanu has done. Which no woman had done till now.” Meerabai Chanu has also been awarded Padma Shri by the Government of India this year.

Mirabai Chanu

When and where was Mirabai Chanu born?

Mirabai Chanu belonged to a middle-class family. Mirabai Chanu was born on August 8, 1994. Mirabai was born in Imphal, Manipur district, it is located in the east of Manipur, at present Mirabai’s age is about 27 years. Mirabai Chanu is also very active on Instagram.

How is Mirabai Chanu’s family relationship?

Mirabai belongs to a middle-class family and has a good family relationship. Mirabai’s parents have helped her a lot to achieve her goal. Mirabai’s mother’s name is Saikhom Ongbi Tombi Leima, she is a shopkeeper. Mirabai Chanu’s father’s name is Saikhom Kriti, he works in a PWD department Mirabai Chanu has two sisters named Saikhom Rangita and Saikhom Shaya and also has a brother named Saikhom Sanatoba.

Personal life of Mirabai Chanu

Mirabai Chanu is a weightlifting Indian athlete and she is unmarried as of now. Mirabai Chanu is currently single, the reason for not getting married is that she thought that if she gets married, she will deviate from her goal, due to which she has not married yet. Mirabai Chanu’s age is 27 years old so far.

Who is Mirabai Chanu’s coach?

The name of Mirabai Chanu’s coach is Kunjarani Devi . Kunjarani Devi is also a resident of Manipur. Kunjarani Devi herself has also been an Indian player in weightlifting Mirabai Chanu had a passion for weightlifting since childhood, she started weightlifting keeping her goal in mind Mirabai Chanu has done weightlifting under Kunjarani Devi.

When did Mirabai Chanu win her first medal?

Mirabai Chanu won the first medal at the age of 11, and won the first gold in weightlifting at the age of 11 in the local weightlifting tournament. Mirabai Chanu’s body is absolutely slim and fit, Mirabai’s height is 5 feet and her weight is 48 kg.

Mirabai Chanu

Mirabai Chanu Education

There is no information about where Mirabai Chanu has studied and in which school, even though there is no information about her education on the Internet, people believe that Mirabai Chanu has graduated but this is true or false. There is no correct information about this yet.

Story of Mirabai Chanu becoming a champion

Since the year 2016, Mirabai Chanu’s journey from Rio Olympics to the Olympics has been a wonderful thing of 2016. When Mirabai didn’t get out of her during the Rio Olympics, Mirabai’s name was written as Did Not Finish because she didn’t get out. Mirabai had completely lost her morale because of putting the tag Did Not Finish in front of Mirabai’s name. Few people could see this sight when Mirabai was going to lift heavy weights when suddenly her hand stops. You will be surprised to know that Mirabai had lifted this weight many times before, she went into depression due to not lifting heavy weights by Mirabai Chanu.

Mirabai Chanu

And she had gone into a depression to such an extent that she had to take the help of a psychiatrist, due to which she came out of depression after a long time. Thought that now I would say goodbye to weightlifting, but Mirabai Chanu had to group herself and fulfill her aspirations, due to which she stepped into weightlifting again. . You might not know that Mirabai Chanu won gold in Commonwealth Games 2018 and after that, she won a silver medal in Olympics.

When did Mirabai Chanu win the gold medal?

Mirabai Chanu won the gold in the New World Weightlifting Championship in the year 2017 by lifting a weight of 194 kg. When Meera did Cold in her name in the year 2017, I was only 22 years old. You will be surprised to know that on the day my gold was taken in his name, his real sister’s wedding was on that day. She did not go to marriage and pursued her dreams after the goal and that is why today she is in front of us as a champion.

Meera made a tremendous comeback after stomach ache in the year 2018

Mirabai Chanu had to face a lot of problems due to stomach pain in 2018, but still, Mirabai Chanu did not give up, she returned from the Thailand World Championship in the year 2019, she was fourth in that world championship, at that time Mirabai Chanu won her highest weight in life was lifted more than 200 kg. Mirabai got a lot of support from the Indian government, after which Meera was also sent to America for the treatment of her injury and then Mirabai returned to her career and gradually became successful in lifting more and more weights.

When did Mirabai Chanu get awards and honors?

Year 2014 Won 15 Gold Medals, 30 Silver Medals, and 19 Kasya Medals
Year 2014 Silver medal in the category of 48 kg (Glasgow Commonwealth
Year 2016 Golden Medal (12th South Asian Games in Guwahati)
Year 2017 Gold medal in the category of 48 kg (World Weightlifting Championship)
Year 2018 Gold medal in 48 kg category (Commonwealth Games)
An amount of Rs.2000000 by the Chief Minister of Manipur For best performance in sports
Year 2021 Silver medal in the category of 50 kg (in Tokyo Olympic Games)


Mirabai Chanu earns Rs. 50,000 each month as part of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports flagship program, The Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS).

Q1- Where is Mirabai Chanu from?

Answer: Mirabai Chanu hails from Manipur.

Q2 – What is the weight of Mirabai Chanu?

Answer: Mirabai Chanu 48 kg.

Q3- What is the name of Mirabai Chanu’s father?

Answer: Saikhom is a masterpiece.

Q4- What is the name of Mirabai Chanu’s mother?

Answer: Saikhom Ongbi is Tonbi Leima.

Q5-When was Mirabai Chanu born?

Answer: It happened on 8th August 1994.

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