Millions of rupees are being lost due to a slight mistake, know what precautions to take while doing online transactions

Corona virus pandemic has changed a lot. From transaction to shopping, now most of it has started happening online. But along with this online frauds have also increased a lot. Hackers are breaking into people’s bank accounts in new ways. At the same time, to avoid them, today we are telling you some tips, with the help of which you can do absolutely safe online transactions. Let us know what precautions should be taken while doing online transactions.

Insert Anti Virus
To make your device safe and protect it from bugs, malware, get the latest anti virus software installed in it. Also, keep the device’s password very strong, which hackers cannot break. Get anti virus from good company only.

Avoid phishing scams
Often we click on links on any app or e-mail without thinking anything, for which we have to bear the consequences later. Apart from this, do not allow anyone to install any app on your smartphone, it may give them access to your smartphone.

Do not share personal details
Always keep one thing in mind that do not share your personal details like birth date, nickname, account number, ATM pin etc. with anyone online, even if your Why not be such a special friend? Also, never fall into the trap of cashback and other rewards.

Take care while shopping online 
Remember not to shop online from any website. If you have to order something online, then order it from the authentic website itself. If you get caught in the trap of such a website in the process of online shopping, then your account can also be breached and your entire bank account can also be cleared.

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