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Military path became Agneepath

As I wrote yesterday, the movement against the Agneepath plan will prove to be more severe than all previous agitations. The same is happening now in the whole country. Earlier, in the demonstrations in some cities of North India, there was little sabotage by the youth, but now the scenes we are seeing in the last two days have never been seen before in my memory. Dozens of trains, stations and petrol pumps were set on fire, many markets were looted, many cars, buses and other vehicles were torched, and homes and government offices were not spared. Till now the police is not combating these protesters with guns, but if this violence gets worse, not only the police but also the army will have to be called.

It is no wonder that if the government’s mercury heats up, then a horrific massacre like China’s Tianan Aan Man Square could begin in India. I am sure that the Modi government will not take any such barbaric and violent step. While taking such a step, the blame for instigating the students and youth may be put on the opposition leaders but I have already said that this movement of youth is spontaneous. It has no leader. It didn’t start at the behest of anyone. It is a different matter that the opposition parties now vehemently support this movement to take advantage of it, as they have started doing. Fearing this movement, the government has announced many new concessions and they are good. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s attitude is very constructive and BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya has even said that he will give the first chance to the soldier who has been in the army for four years in his office.

Soldiers having four years of military experience will find it easier to find suitable employment anywhere. Apart from this, the goal of this Agneepath scheme is to make the Indian Army modern and powerful and save the money spent on pension and invest it in the purchase of modern weapons. More or less the same system is being implemented in America, Israel and many other powerful countries, but it has become a permanent weakness of the Modi government that before taking any big national beneficial step, it does not try to know the reaction of the people directly affected by it. Does it The mistake he made while bringing the Land Acquisition Ordinance, demonetisation and implementing the Citizenship Act, he made the same mistake of walking on Agneepath! This military path has become the firepath of the government itself. Now no matter how many concessions he continues to announce for future soldiers, there is no sign of stopping this movement. It is very sad that today we are witnessing gross indiscipline and anarchy in the behavior of youths who want long jobs for themselves in the army. Will these people be able to earn fame for India by joining the army? The truth is that both our government and these youths are not following their respective limits.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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