Meet The Upcoming Established Entrepreneur- Mohd Zaki


There are so many established entrepreneurs these days, but how many times do you look at an entrepreneur and realise that they are the actual businessman and not just some amateur who is trying to simply make a name by doing nothing at all. Social media is full of all these namesake entrepreneurs who are nothing but simple high school pass outs who have no perfect idea about what Commerce an actual economics is, let alone knowing about business enterprises and dealing with them everyday.

However, Mohd Zaki is someone completely different. He does not simply go by the common name of an entrepreneur, he is also an investor apart from being a trader. Involving himself in almost any and every kind of business organisation that he sees a good future potential income in, he makes sure to earn money smartly by utilising his allocated resources in an efficient way. These are the methods that he has learned in life, and also through his profound research knowledge in not just Internet but to various books written by qualified entrepreneurs themselves.

A very good quality of Mohd Zaki is that he certainly focuses more on his future, this is also one of the reasons why he is established just at the age of 18 while he is visibly trying hard to complete his BTech course from Delhi. Currently in second year, he certainly has achieved a lot than most people his age

“What’s more important to you, your fear of trying and failing, or achieving incredible mindboggling success? Both are equally frightening, the latter doubly so and that’s because often times we subconsciously sabotage ourselves from succeeding precisely because we’re afraid of our own power and how success could transform our lives. Stop glorifying the comfortable paved road where nothing grows and dive into the wilderness to find the authentic you. Your higher self, your infinite potential, awaits there and nowhere else.” Says Mohd Zaki as a final message to the world, setting an example.

As it is truly said by him, nothing can stop you from succeeding if you are helping out yourself everyday come on the day he wanted to become an entrepreneur he has worked hard everyday relentlessly and with complete diligence.


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