Meet Arham Surana: A Young Indian Entrepreneur

Meet Arham Surana, a young Indian entrepreneur who started his career studying side by side, had a dream of achieving something big. This young man has an enormous social media network with a reach of over 10 million people. Born in Udaipur, Arham had his eyes set on the world.

“I never see you at the club, they said. I never see you at the bank, I reply”

The Journey Of Arham Surana

Arham Surana is one of India’s youngest businessman. He is the man behind managing a lot of international brands and clients. He is also responsible for promoting well-known Entrepreneurs and social media accounts you follow. Arham started his entrepreneurial journey from a tender age of 16 when other teens were indulging in materialistic things. He was out there making his dreams come into reality. His aim in life was, is and always will be to live financially free. With a strong determination, confidence and ability to take decisive calls, Arham has created a domain and is inspiring many young entrepreneurs.

Although he’s now one of the brightest social media marketers, he’s still generating several streams of income inflow. Just like any other teen, he spends his day like an average student completing his higher education. But at nights, he transforms into an entrepreneurial genius unlike any other. With his vast expertise in this field, he is now guiding new and upcoming entrepreneurs by providing them with the knowledge that is essential to be a successful businessman. He believes that the difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do. Arham Surana is on a mission to build an empire and leave a legacy.

You can contact him on Instagram @mrarhamsurana

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